Thursday, March 3, 2011

happy weekend

It's been an interesting week of cat-sitting & not-sleeping because Ginny is showing signs of dimentia now and we notice it at night. She walks around calling in her Siamese voice (Oh Gawd!!) and it wakes me up with a start. Last night it was 5 times she came in yelling. I just put her beside me and she settles for awhile and then zoom....she's gone again; only to return later. She has been diagnosed with kidney failure but we are not seeing any difference in her. This behaviour is different. I have to have a plan for tonight because I am exhausted.

Mr. Ed is another one that likes to roam around at night. He probably is a little confused too. Neither of them show signs of it except at night. Sometimes I will catch Ginny standing in front of a closet door and just staring at it. Always at night.
Oh.........I just dozed off a minute. 
Little shy kitty has decided to stay under the bed while I am doing my cat-nanny duties. Today I tried a trail of treats to see if she would come out but no way. So I left the room and almost closed the door so she thought I was completely gone and she scampered out and gobbled them up only to return to the safety of the bed when I came back in. Kitty 1  Cat-nanny Deb  big fat 0. 
"Silly cat. She should come out and get some pampering."

we celebrate my son this weekend and eat cake. Yah!
He's such a great dad.
              "Happy Weekend Everyone"
hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Ginny! I know in humans the dementia gets worse at night so it seems for cats also. Hopefully you can get some sleep. Shy kitty is a crafty one also! hugs, Linda

  2. Awww; that totally brought back a memory to me of one of my mother's Siamese cats. She would roam the house at night completely lost in her blindness and call to her son Oliver. She was the dark point like Mr. Ed. Her son was lilac point. He would find her and guide her back to the bed. They were darling together. She had arthritis and I used to cut the fingers off gloves so she could have leg warmers. :)

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about precious Ginny and Mr. Ed having health problems=it is so difficult to watch anyone you love get "old"...Happy Birthday to John; Riley is getting so big and is just gorgeous!...I hope you get some rest this weekend, Deb...Take care, sweet friend.

  4. Hey, Deb! First of all, your son and grandbaby are both adorable!

    It is so hard when kitties get older. Our Tiger is 17 now and spends most of her time sleeping. Funny how your kitty stares at the closet door. Our cats have certain spots in our house that they just stare at, too. I often wonder what they are seeing that I am not.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!... Donna