Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's groom kitty

Does this look like Spring to you?  I woke up to more snow falling this morning.
And it was going away so nicely.........

This time of year I want to purge the house and make some changes around here. I really step back to see what I can live without and I happily discard it. I  am determined to only have what I love around me.

The cats and dog start to shed more now because the winter coats are falling out. Our dog will shed tumble-weed-size balls of hair and it is now that the vacuum cleaner sits out in all it's glory. I should just put twinkling white lights on it and be done with it. I now begin to groom, groom & groom some-more.

The wood-stove is not on this morning so I have been joined by these two in the kitchen. Notice they have a blanket under them whilst sitting on the table. I know.....I'm nuts.
   "How about a snack ...oh sacred woman with thumbs."
OK - I've had enough of you & your camera
Shall we pop into the dining-room to take in some greenery...
Here we have some parsley, lemon balm, aloe, ivy and something I don't know. Trying to find the name of it so I can check to see if it is ok around animals. The plant-stand was passed down to us from Gary's family..
Let's talk about Grooming Cats
When I groom my cats I only use one comb which is the flea comb. It does a great job of combing, checking for fleas and finding dandruff. This time of year I am checking for dandruff because there are no fleas right now and the wood-stove can cause their coats to dry out. I start at the head and comb all around the neck, the back and down both sides. I tend to stay away from under the tail unless they are long-haired and need tats removed. This is a good time to check for any lumps and sores also. After that, I give them all hair-ball gel because they will have the desire to wash themselves from top to bottom after a good combing and that's when they get any loose hair in their tummies.  Lastly, take a peak in the ears to be sure they look clean. I'll do a post about ear-cleaning another time.
It normally will go right through eventually but the gel helps it along. Even with that I still get the odd hairball coughed up but not often. While grooming with the comb I also check the nails. It's important because nails can get away on you and grow into the skin if not kept short. Plus it is better for the furniture if they are kept trimmed. I just use a regular nail clipper, nothing fancy. It takes 2 of us with Mr. Ed because he is very skittish and this freaks him out.
Treats are then given which is usually a bit of canned salmon and all is well with the world. 

Off to cat-sit some of my favorite tabbies.

hugs, Deb


  1. If you are NUTS Deb then I am right there with you at the funny farm ---- I have been known to put a blanket or two out for mine too!!

  2. M says she doesn't groom me often enough cuz I really don't appreciate it very much. I'll tolerate it for a bit if I'm sleeping in her lap. Geesh - once she even bought the dreaded Furminator - dat was horrible and I wouldn't put up with dat for a minute. She says I'm the first kitty she ever had dat doesn't like to be brushed.

  3. I have a brush but not a flea comb but I will get one. I don't think the brush does that good of a job. Great time to give the hairball gunk...good idea! Thanks Deb, I always learn so much from you. I am NUTS also as I would have a blankie for them to lay on also! hugs, Linda

  4. Oh dear ,it is like winter over there,her in Holland it is warm and sunny .Lovely pictures from the cats.Ik need to buy some hairball gel for Mikki .Trimming her nails wil be a problem ,she is a real stressy little lady .
    Greetings ,Elisabeth

  5. Elisabeth - If your cat doesn't tolerate very long for you to cut nails then I suggest you just cut a few and then give the cat a rest. Go back later to do more. I had a cat once that was so frightened by it that I would cut 1 a day. That's it but at least she got her nails trimmed.

  6. Deb, you are so my kinda gal. Of course there has to be a blanket on a cold day :-) The snow looks gorgeous even though I'm aware there are parts of the world where you're all waiting for spring to appear.
    Thanks for the grooming info. Very useful.

  7. You're spring looks like MY spring. SNOW snow snow. I haven't seen a green sprout of any kind yet around here.
    I have a shamrock plant in my kitchen and love watching it bloom...mine gets pretty lavendar flowers, but my plant is purplish, not green.

    Also went to look at your post below....of the walk. BEARS CLAW BRIDGE...were those really honest to goodness bear claws. I am petrified of bears....which is too bad as I love hiking in the mountains and woods.

  8. We have a Zoom Groom but it doesn't take much hair out and Furminatior was sort of meh. We'll get the flea comb today when we go to Petsmart.

  9. All of the snow at my house is melted! Everyone goes out wearing t-shirts!

  10. we are supposed to get the same weather tomorrow night...will it EVER end?

    Glad you mentioned "the tumbleweed" sized shedded fur...we have the same with Dakota. Thankfully since we put in Pergo flooring it is easier to pick up the fur than in the carpet.

  11. Oh no, snow? I thought it was spring already!
    Thank you for the information about grooming kitties. I've never looked for flea comb but I will next time I'm at the store.

  12. We just had a little inclement weather here in AZ too - bummer - and congrats on being really into the grooming.

    For all the folks reading this, (human ‘beans and kitties too) my blog has posts which are helpful for cat caretakers everywhere.

    All you be sure to stay well!