Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marmalade mischief

Sick as I am I had to go for a walk today.  No sun but it was warmer. Kane almost flew through the screen door when he saw me put my walking shoes on. Nothing goes past him.
Cats can be very odd. Most often when we come across one on our walk it will high-tail it as soon as we come close to it. I consider those the smarter ones that know enough to be wary of a strange dog. Once in a while,  I will have one come by and sit and watch us not seeming too worried about the dog. But this guy, this ball of orange-striped sweetness,  took the cake.
He followed us. He really was very interested in this hairy-molly of a dog. He would even hide behind the wheel of a parked car and jump out at us. Good grief!

Now I know my dog and although he is fine with OUR cats, he thinks nothing different of a strange, outdoor cat than he would a squirrel. I would have had to intervene here. So luckily, this cat dropped and rolled at this point and we continued on our walk. He was one block from his home. 
As always, these two were waiting to be admired.
Finally, some signs of spring.
That is our beautiful Town Hall of Carleton Place. Our town has a population of 10,000
Everything looks so dead. This field will be green soon. That is the Mississippi River that flows through our town.
This is the other side of the bridge. Morphy Falls is a restaurant.
We walk by this church as our home is just behind it. There is always music playing every afternoon from the tower. Gives me goosebumps.

This really is a beautiful town and has been our home for 21 years. 

Now for the Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Adopt an Orange Tabby Cat

Fun info about orange cats

Here are some fun morsels of information about the orange tabby cat.

--What is a tabby cat? Tabby is not a breed and it’s not a color. Tabby refers to a coat pattern. So a tabby cat has a distinct fur pattern that may include spots, stripes, swirls, and whorls. Tabbies come in different colors, including orange.

--Tabbies come in four patterns: classic, mackerel, ticked, and spotted.

--Most orange tabby cats are male, but you will find a few "red-haired" female cats.
--Why are most orange cats male? Genetics is responsible for that. Let me explain. The X chromosome carries the "orange" (or red) gene. Male cats have one X chromosome while females have two. While a male needs only one orange gene, a female needs two. So males have a higher chance of being born with flaming fur.

--Orange cats have freckles on their nose.

--Orange felines are also called red cats, ginger cats, and marmalade tabbies.

--Orange and white is a common color combination among orange cats.

--There are no solid-orange cats! They’re all tabbies. Some "red cats" may look as if they have no stripes or spots, buy they do. You just have to look very closely.
Hmmm - interesting!

So, with that in mind, perhaps you should all go out and visit your local shelter to find a lovely orange tabby cat to bring home and love.

Hugs, Deb


  1. This fella looks very familiar. I think he says hellooo to Guiness through the patio doors occasionally.

  2. I love orange cats, they have a uniqueness all of their own.
    Of course, I love all cats :)
    The little church is so English looking, what a beauty.
    Your town is a beautiful little town.
    Hope you feel better soon ~

  3. Hi Deb-

    It looks like your daffodils are about as tall as ours are here in Chicago. We've been averaging 15 degrees below average for this time of year.

    I'm so glad you explained the chromosomes on our little orange tabby girl Phoebe! We've aways said she was a rare princess, and now we have proof! :-)


  4. what an interesting post! You live in a gorgeous area.
    Tabbies are my favorite cats...probably because my Angel Bobo was a Tabby...they are wonderful!
    Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow...there is an ADORABLE orange tabby kitty I am featuring that is available to be adopted!!! She is in Michigan!

  5. Good God, woman! Get back in bed where you belong!

    Having said that, you had a wonderful walk today, I laughed about the friendly tabby. He must have a dog at home of his own.

    One more fact about Orange Cats, they are CANTANKEROUS!

  6. Aunty Deb,
    I'm sad to know that you're sick. Here's a get well kitty smooch. MMMWWWAAHHHHHH. And another one (((((HUGS)))))) purrr....meow!

  7. Take it easy, Deb! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. Our wonderful fluffy orange tabby, Julius, showed up at our back door when we lived in Nova Scotia. He is sitting on my computer printer as I type this. I didn't know about the freckle thing! But he does have freckles on his nose, and his gums are like that too. :)

    I've never been to Carleton Place. It's gorgeous!

  9. M here - I'd love having an orange kitty, but always seem to end up with black, black & white, or grey tabbies. All have been wonderful cats tho.

  10. Glad you are on the mend. Your town and it's buildings is wonderful!Love a super friendly orange kitty!!Saw one on CatChat I wish I could adopt. Must be orange kitty day! Feel better!!

  11. I have a real soft spot for orange tabbies. One of my favourite cats of all time was an orange tabby. I had him in Toronto. When he died at 13 I was heartbroken. MIght be time for another orange feline, eh?