Thursday, June 2, 2016

A good day all around.

Dear little Annie
wears her emotions on her adorable face.

"Are you having a good day, Annie?"
"You look very content."

"Did I mention you have a vet appointment
for your check-up today?"
 It's been a long day for Annie as her vet is a 50 minute drive from home but she loves Dr. Ann and I hate to change vets since we have moved to our property.

And, Dr. Ann was very pleased with her examination today.
She looks great and as a bonus, she is down half a pound from  January.
Yah! Let's celebrate with freeze-dried chicken.
hee hee ...just one piece. :)
She is having a well deserved snooze as I type this.

No rain as yet in our area.
It's as dry as a bone here.
I'm just back in from giving our gardens a good soaking.

Simon's friend

Mama-to-be bird is very busy
flying back and forth to her nest.

She loves to sit on the roof and sing her heart out
 and I love to listen.

Today's Cat-in-window
A terrific tabby & white.
                                        photographed on my walk around Carleton Place

Wishing you a happy, sunny day. comes some rain, :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie always looks as though she has an
    intellectual and thinking face! Nothing
    seems to bother her! Bless!x
    Unlike Audrey!x Who comments on everything,
    and everyone! HeHe!

    Oh! And, Simon's friend...did we decide on a
    name...Simone was mentioned!

  2. Annie is so pretty! I can't imagine it being "dry as a bone". It is so wet here and misting rain even now. Your plants sure look good and healthy.

  3. That's good news about Annie's check-up. I'm sure she hadn't given you any signs of trouble but I know a clean bill of health is always a relief, anyway.

  4. Excellent news about Annie! She's a positive angel. After all of her problems at the begining she deserves to have a lifetime of good health. Kiss her for us, please.

  5. That is good for Annie, and quite a drive!

    I don't know if you've seen the guide around, but I picked up a Doors Open guide today, and there are a number of locations around Manotick and the area taking part this weekend.

  6. Today's cat bears quite a resemblance to Lizzie! So glad Annie checked out A-OK! Looks lovely in your world.

  7. Love that frown on Annie's face. I get that one a lot... especially with Ghost. And your gardens do look wonderful!

  8. Eight kittens in the barn next door--five of them are colored in variations of Annie's coat.

  9. Love the bird on the house....what a sweet picture!

  10. Yay, for Annie! Always a load off one's mind when the vet visits are happy ones. And, great idea to share your "Cat in a window" photos. Hope your rain amounts to something! We are almost too wet here in Nebraska ><>

  11. So glad to hear Annie is doing well! What a Sweetie she is.

    Have a great weekend,

  12. That Annie is simply a stunning, beautiful kitty cat!! Gorgeous!

  13. Good girl, Annie! you earned that piece of chicken!