Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cats in windows & welcoming June.

Have you popped over to meet Debbie at yet?
Debbie has a post up about her love of pretty windows which I think you will thoroughly enjoy. My favorite was her first photo with the pretty yellow vase.
Her post reminded me of all my treasured 'cat in window' photos that I took over the course of four years in our little town that we recently moved from.

I have such a huge collection and would love to share them with you in my future posts. Perhaps one each post would work well and you can enjoy the beauty of  'cats in windows' like I do. Some of the cats were my kitty-clients with my cat-sitting service.

                        Let's start with this fabulous feline.
This one was taken in the town of Arnprior and was the first 'cat in window'  photo I took. This cat was one of many that were being removed from an abandoned farm and placed in foster homes by the Country Cat Rescue and Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.

Ever since that day I could not pass a cat in a window without snapping a photo. 

Here we are welcoming beautiful June.
It's a busy month for us as we have my birthday, Father's day and we welcome our fifth grandittle in a few weeks. There will be some celebrating to do.

No rain as yet.  I've been keeping the gardens watered but the grass is taking a beating from the scorching sun all week. It's been very hot and dry.

After the winter we had I swore I would never go on about the heat. And I won't. I think.

My vegetable garden is starting to grow with daily watering and fingers crossed. Every morning I notice new growth.
Now the weeding begins.

My little bird tenant is back and has settled right in to her new home. Yah!
I sat in the garden chair and was able to catch her little head peaking out again today through the jeweled door-way. So while I tend the garden I can watch her come and go all day.

This little House Wren is just passing through here so I feel privileged to have her nest for the next few weeks at the mouse-house.

I was quite amused as I read the following info on their nesting habits.  

Mating Habits

Easily attracted to a birdhouse, the male arrives first, in early Spring and begins to establish his territory. You'll know he has arrived when you begin hearing him sing from his perches.
This songster will sing from dusk to dawn. The singing is mostly done during the mating season.
As you watch, you'll notice the male begins placing sticks into prospective nest holes. He may build as many as twelve different nesting sites.
After pairing with a mate, the male takes the female to each of the nesting sites he has begun building.
The female selects the one she likes and begins to fill the nest completely with more twigs. Then she makes a small depression at the back of the cavity which she lines with pine needles and grass for egg laying.

Very interesting. This little gal obviously loves 'bling' on her house.

And I've had a talk with this guy today. He was here again to snoopervise the goings-on in the gardens. He's wonderful company although I have to remind him often not to hunt on this property. I know he's a cat that will do what he wants but if I give him a belly-rub and turn him in the right direction he will eventually head on home. lol
That, I can count on.
 hugs, Deb


  1. I'm glad you're finally getting some "growing" weather. We're turning hot here in North Carolina, but the cats are determined to stay in the screen-in porch to watch all the wildlife that passes through. Happy gardening, my friend.

  2. I love cats in windows =)
    Such a busy month for you!

  3. David looks quite happy!

    Hopefully some rain comes soon... it's starting to be a problem.

  4. You can never post too many cat photos for this reader!
    I have cat companions whenever I work in the garden. Sometimes their behavior is not the best. If scolded they retreat to the towering clump of catnip in the corner.

  5. So happy you have a tenant! Hope you get to see the babies...isn't their song glorious?
    I see dogs in doors, but no cats in windows....hmmmmmm?
    June will be very busy for you...boy or girl?
    How is your newest Grandson anyway?
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  6. Our grandson, Angus, is doing great. Almost 3 months old already. And we are expecting another grand-daughter in 2 weeks. :) My world is full of babies...including baby birds. I hope to see them. :)

  7. glorious! love cats in windows & hope all those kitties found homes too.
    we are having some rain now, will need it for a few days to take away the dryness here though, wish i had a fireplace, it's going to get awfully cold after the rain goes away
    love that David cat, think it is lovely that you have extra company
    lovely post, look forward to seeing more cats in windows
    thanx for sharing

  8. I always have enjoyed your cats in a window photos. One of the things that I miss about Charlie, seeing him in the window when I would return home. Love that little wren has a blingy side! June is such a good month for me as well, but you have so much going on. A new Grand Little!! Can't wait.

  9. There's something wonderful about a cat in a window. I can't resist either!

    Oh, the wren is wonderful in your house! What a great photo!