Thursday, June 23, 2016

My girls (the hairy ones with whiskers)

Just wanted to make that clear as I do have two beautiful daughters, too. :)

Annie likes the camera and will allow a few photo throughout the day. And, she will sing for you. :)

She never misses a sun-puddle even if it's crammed between two chair legs.

She has taken over Sierra's spot in the kitchen window.
I love that.
She watches as the birds swoop down on the feeders.

And I love her peachy paws.

Audrey,well, she is incorrigible.
That's about all you'll get from her.
I have to sneak up on her or else she dives into her hidey-hole when she spots the camera. If I follow her with the camera the glare I get is one you don't soon forget.

Annie has some BIG news. She wants the world to know she caught her first mouse at the mouse-house last night. So now this tiny dwelling stands up to it's name.
This happened in the garage of the carriage house where she likes to spend her evenings.
She proudly brought it upstairs for all to admire.  Which we did... in between..."Oh, dear God!, ewwww, oh no!, geeesh, oh for goodness sake, get it outahere and of course, "Poor thing" because I hate to see that. :-(

"Thanks Annie but no thanks."
The retired-guy took care of it and Annie was miffed for the rest of the night.
I know she would be quite the hunter if allowed to roam the great outdoors. There would not be a bird left in sight. Not a one.
I expect now she will spend even more time down there.

hugs, Deb



  1. All your girls are beautiful. Annie!! Way to go but like you I don't like to see the catch. Hugs.

  2. Well done Miss Annie. They love catching mice and are always so proud.

  3. Good for Annie! Bad for the mouse... It must be inexplicable to them when we throw out their prizes. Maybe Annie expected to have it stuffed and mounted on the wall...

    1. There' no wall space, John. Thank goodness.

  4. Annie's such a sweetie... and the Audrey Glare is priceless!

  5. What a wonderful post! I hope you know you are very talented at writing delightful stories - even if they are about the sad demise of a little critter as that really takes talent. Thank you for all you share with us of your life, Deb.

    I so adore Annie, and AA, too, of course. She is a little peach!

    Love to all,

  6. Hahaha...oh, Annie! Good girl! Deb wouldn't want to find a mouse munching in the kitchen cupboards!

    We do the same thing here...they want to bring them inside through the cat flap and wonder why we make such a fuss and insist they go back outside with their prize. lol.

  7. Your girls are so funny!!! And gorgeous, but you already know that, of course :)

  8. Ah! Bless! Annie!x Your becoming a
    bit of a poser!Just like..You know
    who! Love your paw/s...!x

    And! As for Audrey!x
    Audrey! Audrey!x
    Your not gonna put that back in yer
    mouth are you...! :))))).

  9. Wonderful Annie and Audrey moments--my photos usually register a split second after the charming pose. Cats never 'get it' that we don't admire their hunting trophies!

  10. Dear little Annie! What a good little mousie hunter you are.
    And where was Audrey when the mousie was staging it's invasion? I hope not hiding under the covers!

  11. Dear Deb
    i don't react very much but i just want you to know i enjoy your blogs so much .And that lovely Audrey and Annie ,i melt when i see the pictures of them

  12. Deb thanks for your good wishes - I'm coming along and among anxious for the post-op visit in another week when I'll become 'unglued', literally, and can start working on reducing my scar!

    Loving seeing what the whiskered girls have been up to. Is Annie for rent by chance? We have mice now and then, climbing up from the crawl space I guess. Have been told they require just a 1/4" hole to get through!

    Have a lovely weekend dear and thanks again for your caring words.
    Mary x

  13. Oh Deb I could spend all day reading about your kitty daughters. Thanks for sharing them. We've had an injured kitty since Tuesday but he seems to be bearing up and we hope he'll be back to normal soon. Greetings Jo

  14. I wish Annie would give Lizzie a lesson or two! Love your kitty girls so much. I've been traveling and not checking in so well as I'd like -- I must catch up!

  15. Congratulations, Annie!! I knew you had it in you. But maybe don't share your prize with Mummy Deb!!