Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A place of peace.

Early mornings at the mouse-house 
is a time that I like to take my cup of coffee outside to check on the gardens.
Because we live in the country, there are often feeders knocked over, branches on the ground and dirty paw marks across the butter-coloured lawn chairs.
Raccoons have been here to grab some apple slices and any seed left over from the day.
I don't mind at all as there are many with young ones and they are all hungry.

After tidying up, checking on the gardens and filling the 4 bird baths, I sometimes head back to the grave-site for my beloved cats that have passed away over the years.
It gives me a time to reflect
and I find it very peaceful.

We just recently laid to rest our dear Sierra.
I still feel the need to stand and look at her grave to have the reality of her death sink in.
It still feels unreal to me.
She was here on this property for one year only and now she's gone.
And so suddenly.

Sierra lived 13 years and to some that may seem like a long cat life but not to me. I have enjoyed the company of cats that have lived for over 20 years.
I wanted that for her.
So I still tear up as I water the ground that surrounds her spot,

add a few more shade-loving plants 
and think of her sweet personality;
her love for us.

The wall behind the grave-site was built by my ancestors over 100 years ago.
It looks out over our neighbour's pasture.
It's a humbling experience for me to stand here and think of all the hard work done by hands of generations before me.
They built this wall while clearing the land.

All the cats that I have shared my life with in the last 40 years lie in peace here.

It's a place I feel connected to them; I remember them all so vividly when I stand here.
I recall their softness; their beautiful eyes.
I thank them for their love and companionship
and tell them I miss them everyday.
And I do.
Each and everyone of them.

On my way back up the path, I was greeted by a grey squirrel
who was busy at the feeder.
I guess the early squirrel
gets the seed here.
Cheeky devil.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Debs, you made me cry. All our animal friends are so precious to us. Their wonderful naivety, gentleness and loyalty are to be commended and we would all do well to aspire to be like them. I love your little place of solace. Love Andie xxx

  2. What a beautiful spot for remembering all the love you had/have for your fur babes and the love they had for you. Peace ........

  3. Your cats- particularly the ones I've known through your posts- have been gentle souls.

  4. Hello Deb, I just popped in with my mid morning coffee .... what a beautiful post. But I did get a lump in my throat & my eyes filled up making it hard to read your lovely words. I too, remember my beloved lost pets every single day. Such is the impact they make on our lives. I think they have the most beautiful resting spot anyone could wish for ... plus the wonderful lives they had with you. x x

  5. sweet. I see a few kitty names I haven't heard before!

  6. I am so sorry about Sierra. I agree--13 years is not enough! It's never enough. I miss my babies every day, too. Thank you for a lovely post.

  7. Oh, Deb, my eyes filled with tears too as I read this post. So bittersweet remembering our beloved pets now gone.

    I'm not quite as forgiving as you are about how I find the gardens some mornings--today, a planter was toppled, the entire plant top eaten off--and a deer track right there. Did not please me. Oh well, I do love living in the country so just take the good with the bad. Nebraska ><>

  8. That is surely a beautiful and peaceful spot. Loved this poignant post. You're never forget them. They stay in your heart forever......

  9. Dear Deb ,
    I'm so sorry about Sierra , it is always very sad when an animal has to go . We all have so loved and they gave us so much joy and then they are gone at once . I wish you much strength , in our hearts you will always be our animals .
    Good that you have a place where you can all be very close .
    hugs Tatjana

  10. Beautifil post, Deb. Seeing Ed and Lilly together at rest made me cry. I'll never forget them.

  11. What a bean head I am. I accidentally put two l's in Lily's name.
    Forgive me Lily love.


  12. I know what you mean. I look at photos of cats and dogs long gone and remember them so vividly. It never gets any easier to say farewell.

  13. Morning Deb...
    What a wonderful place for you to live...
    All the memories and love that are there...
    Good for you and the retired move!
    We have 2 of Erika's birds buried at the cottage...:o)
    My Taffy lived to 21 years...gone for 10 years already...
    Beautiful day here...think Miss V and I should go jump in the pool!! Picking her up shortly...
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

  14. They never stay long enough. My Tungsten was not quite fifteen (so I estimate) and she was with me for only seven and a half years. I think of her every day, too. And Bear-Bear, my foster-cat. They leave their marks on us. Where your friends rest is a beautiful place.

  15. I totally get what you are saying about our beloved fur children not living long enough. I am still in mourning for our beloved Smudge Pudding, the calico girl with the most attitude I have ever met & she left 2 years ago. I know I would not have my two current girls, if they others had not left, but I tell them all about their other older brothers & sisters. To loosely quote from Harry Potter; those that love us never really leave us, we can find them in our hearts at any time.

  16. Our animal friends become a part of us, and their leaving makes a void. What a peaceful place you've made for yourself and their memories.

  17. Oh Deb, I have tears.....such a beautiful place for your sweet ones to rest. I, too, have many graves....each a special place for contemplation. Each little soul leaves behind such love and happy memories. Hugs xo Karen

  18. It is so hard to lose our animal friends. Hugs, LJ

  19. Hey Deb, early morning is my favorite time of the day too...and that first cup of coffee! What a beautiful little spot you have made for those special kitty cats. Sometimes you feel like the hurt will never go away. I really like what Patio Postcards quoted above from Harry Potter. Good to remember that. Wanted to tell you that I used your recipe for macaroni and cheese and it was the best I've ever made. Poppy asked, what did you do different to make the macaroni and cheese so good this time. So, thank you.

  20. Tears streaming I write to tell you that you wrote what's in my heart too. I lost my Tiffany at age four from kidney failure. She had a congenital defect. We both wanted to enjoy them for many, many years but I guess the Lord needed them back more. Hugs to you, my friend.

  21. RIP dear Sierra, the other kitties and Cane. I remember when Sierra disappeared off your front porch at your previous home. And how she was miraculously restored to her loving family. The wall is amazing and the history surrounding your private piece of land is so interesting (my favorite being the outhouse!) Thanks for your kind comment regarding Ambrose healing. We live in a community where in many homes, pets are not nurtured the way Grant and I care for ours. Especially cats! So (tongue-in-cheek or not) I have posted everything on Facebook as the locals read my FB and not my blog. Have a great day. Blessings Jo

  22. How heart touching your post is and how pretty and peaceful is you little spot. I think all of us have lost a cherished pet at some point in our lives........hugs to you

  23. What a beautiful place to sit in and reflect on the wonderful animals who shared your life. xoxo