Friday, June 24, 2016

"Welcome, summer."

Summer has arrived and the weather is perfect.
There are tomatoes and zucchini on the vines
(we'll have lots of zucchini :-b )
and the perennial flowers are in bloom.
Half our lot is home to wild daisies.
I consider them a gift from above.

The mama house wren has left her nest.
I did not see the fledglings so I have nothing to tell you.
I just hope they were ok and left early one morning for their new life.
I really miss the little mama and regret not at least having a peak at the babies.

Once I knew they were gone I opened the back of the house and retrieved the nest.
There were two dry broken eggs inside along with the nest material.
Only two seemed odd.
So I carried it to the funny little green-house and sat it on the shelf under a box.
My intent was to photograph it the next day but the raccoons (I presume) took an interest in it over-night and it was gone by morning.
I suppose they thought there might be eggs inside. :(

So,  the little white bird-house is up for rent once again.
All birds are welcome.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is too bad about your wrens. Love you gardens. I am eating fresh tomatoes right now and they are delicious. I have blueberries but don't think the peaches will make it since we haven't had any rain. You all have a great week end.

  2. We've missed several of our garden birds fledging - they seem to go very early on a fine dry, sunny morning I believe. The best were those darling 5 chickadees whom we actually watched zoom out of the little nest box on the porch - memorable!
    As mentioned before, I really love daisies so much - how lovely to have so many sharing your land. Naturalized over the years no doubt, and will always be strong and returning as they are happy in their home.
    Your garden looks wonderful Deb, glad you have nice weather for working outside - those 'whiskered gals' are definitely in a cat paradise with a view too!

    Happy weekend, hugs Mary x

  3. Oh Deb, it is so pretty there. How lucky you are to have all those Daisies! I love the flower garden along side the vegetable garden. Annie looks sweet on her yellow Daisy cushion. I just read your last post all about the kitties and Annie catching the mouse. That is so funny. You know, we didn't have a mouse catching cat until Smokey came along. He leaves his catch on the doormat to greet us as we walk out the door. Early yesterday, I caught Smokey with a beautiful Cardinal in his mouth. I yelled and he dropped the poor bird, which flew under the gas tank and quickly disappeared. Hopefully it survived. I'm telling myself it did anyway. Yep, I feel sorry for the mice too and would rescue them if I could.

  4. Beautiful photos, Deb! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  5. Is there anything as pretty as a napping cat?

  6. Oh, those daisies- actually your entire garden.

    We recently planted tomatoes and my husband just gave me an article about growing tomatoes to read. So far they are looking good.

  7. Your garden is looking beautiful! I love zucchini. It must taste extra yummy fresh from the garden :-) I sure hope the wren and babies are enjoying their new life. Sorry someone took the nest before you could take photos!

  8. Daisies are my favorite flower and we have lots and lots of them in our yard, but here in Nebr. they are pretty well done for the season so it was fun to see yours all bright and fresh! Your gardens are looking wonderful! Kitties too! Nebraska ><>

  9. Lovely photos ! Oh I love wild daisies in the fields . Your gardens are looking wonderful ! We found a hummer nest and kept it . It is a hot one here today but keeping cool on the patio porch with a nice breeze and the AC at night . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  10. I have a house wren, too, Deb. Wrennie, I call her. She's been building her nest for several weeks and I saw her today when I returned from the lake but can't see inside the house anything more than twigs and such. I don't know if she's egged yet. My house, unfortunately, was a more or less decorative one, not with a hinge so I think the nest will be there for life. I hope her wee ones will be seen.