Friday, June 10, 2016

As I sit at the garden

                                                           (before weeding)

After three hours of weeding, I sat down next to the garden today. I had my solar-charged radio and my camera close by.
                                                                   (after weeding)

The veggie garden is coming along.
Those are potatoes growing in bags at the end of the rows.

Other than sipping on a hot cup of  tea,  I stayed very still and waited to see who would come by for a visit. Within a minute, I had two beautiful goldfinch fly up to the bird-bath for a nice, cool drink and a splash about. They are so adorable.

Next was a little nut-hatch; quickly grabbing a few seeds and then flying back to the little red riding hood woodlot.

A chipmunk scurried by; too quick for my camera.

My little mama wren in the white bird house was inside the whole time and only peaked out a few times to watch me; most likely worried I was getting too close. She is now sitting on her nest most of the day and night so I presume she has laid all her eggs. She' :)

My perennial garden was full of weeds and now it looks well pampered. And, I added some new mushroom compost to give it a lift as the plants begin to bloom.

I'm never without company around here. No sooner was I getting ready to come inside,  I heard a rustling in the grass and David popped up, dropped to the ground and presented his belly for a rub. Which he got, of course.
Who could resist that?

Then I pointed him in the direction of his house
and he went home for dinner.

White cat sleeping in the shade of a tree.

hugs, Deb


  1. You have the most amazing garden =)
    Lots of hard work, though!
    Tummy rub kitty is so cute

  2. I'm really enjoying the photos of your garden and the wonderful visitors!

  3. Your garden is just wonderful! And the birds certainly seem to agree. The little goldfinches next to the yellow flowers are so adorable. And that's a really delightful photo of David. Is he a total doll or what!
    The white cat brings back memories of lovely Lily .

  4. That is a lot of work. Beautiful shots... and David is such a sweetie.

  5. Your flowers are fabulous and so is David! I have a tenant in my bird house, too. I think it's a little brown wren but I'm not sure. I'll be sharing a photo when I get one not blurry (they move fast!) and hopefully someone will weigh in with the answer!

  6. Three hours of weeding is a lot of work. Your gardens are so pretty. Those are the cutest Goldfinch. Their little heads look so fluffy. David is a beautiful cat!

  7. Your irises are exquisite; so colorful! David is such a goofball! The white cat sleeping in the window looks so peaceful.

  8. Wow, whenever I weeded a patch of garden, it never looked like I was making progress. Well done.

  9. Lovely! I enjoy it when the birds in our yard come close to me without being's a gift!

  10. It looks like you had a lovely productive day Deb. We agree - your weeding is top notch.

  11. Thank you, Deb, for providing such a peaceful moment. It has giving my soul some rest and respite.


  12. i love today's pictures! Such a pretty and peaceful outdoor place you have there! I just noticed Audreys' baby picture over there on the sidebar.....full of personality even as a baby wasn't she?? LOL

  13. A freshly weeded garden is so satisfying! Job well done. I love the finches that came to your birdbath. -Jenn

  14. Lots of work you did but well worth it all in the end eh? Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  15. You have a beautiful garden full of colorful blossoms and fluttering wings! What a peaceful place.