Friday, June 17, 2016

Around the mouse-house...inside & out

Oh my goodness, everything is growing faster than a cat whippin' it's tail around here. I am having to weed every-time I walk past the gardens. And the grass...I don't even want to talk about that.

Tiny blooms appear like magic. It's so uplifting to walk out to see what's new in the garden every morning with my first cup of coffee. I just know my grandmother and mother have a hand in all that grows here. I especially feel my grandmother's presence as I walk about taking in all that late spring offers. I look in the direction of our vegetable garden and remember her garden in the very same place. As a young child visiting for the summer, I can still smell the freshly picked carrots that we would carry in our dirty little hands in to her summer kitchen to be washed for dinner that night. Oh, and the yellow favorite. And I listen to the birds around me and think, "She heard the birds sing while she gardened right where I now stand." It leaves me a bit awe-struck.

Simon is still around although he is not at home much anymore. I do see him at night sitting on the old pump before calling it a day but he is very active with the other chips all day long.
The other evening we had an early down-pour with a bit of thunder and he came tearing across the lawn and flew down his little hole; safe from the coming storm. I felt happy to see him have his little comfort-spot.

Little Red has a favorite eating spot which is the platform bird-feeder. Why?...because it swings while he eats. He seems to love that. He's a mover and a groover.

And while Audrey snoozes in her hidey-hole,
Annie is always close by me; my shadow, really.

She's always interested in anything that I'm doing.
And especially enjoys 'tea-time' at the mouse-house.

"Just milk in mine, please."

hugs, Deb


  1. Such a sweet post to read. Thank you again, Deb, for sharing your stories with us. I love that you have the memories of your Grandmother right where you now are. A real blessing.


  2. Hi Deb, I just found your comment.......thank you for dropping by. I just adore cats and I love your blog with your cats! Your gardens look so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend

  3. How lovely to have memories of your mother and grandmother and, I'm sure, to feel their presence near you in your lovely garden.

  4. All fun, charming stuff. I just love that you're living where generations did before you...that is so special.

  5. Your gardens look so lovely, Deb! What a touching post, to know that you have that connection with your grandmother. My grandparents lived in Ireland, so I didn't know them very well, such a shame. Most of my family is still in Ireland, there are only a few of us over here.

  6. Looks like everything you've planted is growing really well. I love those big green plants with yellow blooms, but don't recognize it. Annie always looks sweet and content.

  7. Your garden is a blessing and especially if you feel connected to your grandma there. Isnt that so neat how she gardened in that exact same spot and grew vegetables and flowers right in the same soil. That soil holds many sunshine and summer storm memories. And the blossoms that bloom and the foods that you grow and pick and eat are part of your grandmas legacy to you