Monday, June 20, 2016

Busy as a Bee

It's been a busy weekend with many highlights.
What could be more fun than partaking in a fundraiser for Homes with Woofs at Bee Meadow Farm.
I was so excited not only to attend the fundraiser but to see Natalie & Gordon again. Two wonderful and dedicated rescuers of many needy animals who are now enjoying life on the rolling hills at the farm.
It was such a fun day.

We went with friends Iain and Susan from
Natalie was so busy but got around to say "hi".
Then it was on to meet the animals.
First on my list was to find Saul and say "hello".
He was even more adorable in person. 
And getting to meet Chirpy and actually cuddle a rooster was
always on my bucket list. lol
This guy wasn't hard to find.
And there goes Henry.
The goats were all out grazing along with Ophelia and her piggy friends.
Celebrity judges, Alan Neal & Carol-Anne Meehan were on hand for a live auction of beautiful hand-made dog houses, art work and photography by local artists along with a silent auction of fabulous items. There were pony rides available and Sandy, Gordon's horse, happily carried children around the beautiful farm. There was a barbecue, cupcake table (unbelievably yummy) and home-made lemonade. Natalie's honey was on sale along with freshly baked desserts, cat toys and beeswax candles.

All of Natalie's animals were out and about to meet and greet but no-one took the spot-light from Monty, the new herding dog. Pop on over to Natalie's World to meet him.

I hope they had a wonderfully successful day.
Thank you Natalie & Gordon for all that you do.

And today was a double celebration for our family. Father's Day & my birthday brought the family together for a delicious barbecue lunch and birthday cake. What a weekend! :)
"Thank you everyone for making us feel so special today."

And all this with +32 C temperatures. Perfect summery weather. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day.

And this morning I wish you all a wonderful summer ahead.

hugs, Deb.


  1. What a fun-filled day that must have been. It's great to celebrate with friends and family. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday - lovely family photo! So nice to see the rescue farm, too. That black piggy is too cute! x Karen

  3. What a fun weekend with all of those things to celebrate! I love you holding that fun! And your hubs with that cupcake...that look in his eye! haha. Glad you had a nice birthday, too!

  4. Happy Birthday! And what a great weekend! Love the family pictures and do think the rescue animals on Natalie and Gordon's place have a wonderful home.

  5. It looks like it was an enjoyable day!

  6. Lovely photos and post . I would love to visit Bee Meadows Farms and meet Natalie and Gorden and all their wonderful animals glad you all and a good weekend and lots of YUMMIES ! Papa would of loved the cupcake table to lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening , Oh the rare Strawberry moon is to be out tonight lots including me are hoping to see and get photos of it ,

  7. Happy,happy Birthday to You, dear Deb

  8. What a fun! I'd love to visit Bee Meadow Farm. Natalie and Gordon are wonerful to help those animals. Love the photo of your cuddling a rooster. That, I've never done before :-)

  9. Happy [belated] birthday. I'm glad I remembered that you joined Natalie and Gordon at their fundraiser. (I found Natalie's blog through you, thanks!) Great to see you all.

  10. I was so thrilled to see you all, and so glad you had a reunion with Mootie and Pip, too!!

  11. PS A very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!