Sunday, June 26, 2016

Seeking shade at the mouse-house.

 The weather has been so nice that it's hard to stay inside for a minute.

But the heat does get to you so I find myself taking little breaks throughout the day from gardening, weeding and clearing new areas that I have plans for. We also added soaker hoses to the garden as there has been no rain for days.
I added a little table and chairs right behind the perennials in amongst the sumac trees today. It's shady there and shady spots are needed on this property. It has a view of the gardens and many of the bird feeders.

Red's wondering what we are doing so close to his favorite hang-out.
"Carry on, Red."

I'm also tidying up a spot at the end of the path where the little woodlot is. There's many things I can do with that area so I have some thinking to do. 

The first of many from our garden, I'm sure.
 I see zucchini bread in the oven soon.
My tomato plants are loaded with tiny tomatoes. :)

We started the day with tea, toast and scones at Miller's Oven in the town of Manotick. Always delicious.
"What's high-tea?", he asked.  He's getting into this.  lol

 I sent him here...
And at home, the squirrels, chipmunks & birds have arrived for breakfast.
Someone won't be moving from her spot for awhile.

Some say cats are all alike. Au contraire! They are all individuals and very unique. I say to them, "You don't know cats."

hugs, Deb


  1. It's been very dry here too, but it may be keeping the mosquito count low so that's a plus! I can watch cats looking at wildlife through the window for hours...except mine get in a huff and go find something else to!

  2. Your garden looks great! Soaker hoses are a great idea, too.

    No, cats are not all alike. Believe me...all 14 of mine are different...just like people! haha.

  3. That is great that the retired guy is getting into teas! The site you left for us is wonderful. I have read a lot of explanations about the different kinds of tea and this was the very best! I loved reading exactly what makes up all the other kinds of teas. My father was born in Britain moving with his family to Canada at age ten so we had a lot of dishes like the listed steak and kidney pie. I rarely hear of it so that was kind of fun.

    And aren't cats all so different! The new little black kitty we adopted just 11 months ago is by far the most distinct of any of the six previous house kitties we have had. Each so special and so loved forever.

    Have a great week coming up!


  4. Another fun post, Deb! Just love the little table and chairs you put out. And such a pretty display you made with the zucchini and daisies. And Annie's profile is to die for!
    You think it's dry there--you should be here in Nebr. No rain for weeks and weeks and hot as blue blazes! Nebraska ><>

  5. How on earth do you have tomatoes and zucchini so early??? way up north as you are? I'm stunned!!!!

  6. Okay, I love your little table and chairs sitting back in the shade. I've wondered what kind of trees those are. Your garden looks really good, and that zucchini too! Sweet Annie! You are so right about cats. Our three are so totally different.

  7. Zucchini and Daisies...count me in!
    Enjoy your week Deb...
    Linda :o)

  8. Where you've placed the table and chairs is an excellent location. I like the idea of coming upon a little restful spot like that.

  9. Every single time I visit your blog, I smile! Thank you for that, my sweet friend!!