Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'gettin' to know ya' time

Beautiful Zoie and painfully shy Penny (who looks rather grumpy in the photo but is very sweet) have gotten to know me better over the last few days.
Zoie & Penny

Zoie is very friendly and takes little coaxing to have her by your hand. Penny requires you to sit on the floor and speak lovingly to her, admiring her good looks and patchwork coat. We don't mention each others' weight.  Today, while the rain hit the windows, we spent some 'just gettin' to know ya' time together.

It's been raining all day. The tabby boys (Bud & Chase) will have a less than perfect day since the birds are taking cover in the bush. I did fill the feeder but I expect it will remain quiet there today. I left them some extra treats and hid a few on the stairs for them.

Speaking of, 'gettin' to know you', I have two great ladies coming to visit tomorrow who I have never met before. Through blogging, I feel like we already know much about each other. I love both their blogs and have learned so much from these two talented artists. They live close enough that coming to our town is a little 'day-trip' for them.  I can't wait to meet them and show them off to you.

Must go...time to vacuum. The sun is out now. Sierra is happy.

hugs, Deb


  1. Cats do bring great joy, I love my seal point Himalayan and my mackeril tabby.

    Enjoyed looking at your blog.


  2. I agree...Rosie brings a smile to my face every day! Love your "clients!"

  3. So many beautiful kitties... as always. Thanks!
    Lily, WA, USA

  4. A cozy day inside with cats, while it is raining outside. Sounds like an ideal day for you & the cats. Especially nice for 2 cats you are taking care of. They are both such pretty cats too.

    You must be excited to meet 2 blogging friends up close & personal!

  5. Ideally, I'd sex cam like to share our lessons learned, which are difficult to clean.

  6. Beautiful kitties and the picture of Sierra is just lovely. Sounds like a rainy spring but it will just make the flowers lovelier! I simply look forward to reading Deb's blog everyday! Thank you darling girl!

  7. Deb, your kitties are lovely!! Have a wonderful time with your blogging buddies!! Sounds like fun.

  8. Such sweet little kitties! How fun to be meeting up with two blogging friends. I am guessing there will be a bit of tea involved. ;)
    xo Catherine

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  10. Zoie and Penny are definitely cute ones.

    And is there anything as peaceful as watching a cat sleeping in a sunbeam? I don't think so...

  11. I do love meeting up with blog friends -- and I have yet to be disappointed!

    These are two lovely girls!

  12. Awww, Zoie and Penny are really cute! Have fun meeting your friends!

  13. It's funny how cats have their own ways of getting to know you. It's such a compliment when a strange cat decides you're OK and will let you stroke him.

    Linda xx

  14. They are gorgeous :) I would love a cat like them.