Monday, April 8, 2013

Tea - wherever you can have it.

I wanted to join in with some of the 'tea parties' today and as you can see my usual room where I show you my contribution is a bit upside-down. We are stripping window sills, painting & changing some windows. It's a mess.

That's Audrey. She loves all this confusion. She has been helping the retired guy all morning and still enjoying her birds in our maple from whatever window he's not working on at the moment.

So, I had to head upstairs because even the kitchen has paint cans everywhere and set up a little something  on my dresser to show you.

 I love blue and white china and last week I picked up this tea-cup from a corner store near our property. It is Delftware and called Royal Twickel. The tulips caught my attention.

The tea is Stash Blueberry Tea.

I always add a little honey even with these decadent cookies on the side.

I love the pierced bottom on the cup. It makes it look so unique.
I think this new cup looks right at home with other blue and white china. I'm glad I found it.

I am joining Sandi at for Tea-time Tuesday,  Terri at for Tea-cup Tuesday &Bernideen at . for Friends Sharing Tea.

Oh, and by the way,

These are the two beauties in my care today. Lucky me, eh!

hugs, Deb


  1. Those are two cuties!

    I'm familiar with delftware... my mother has some pieces like that.

    And Audrey, of course, must supervise!

  2. Hi Deb,
    oh my, the photo with the tiny red and white kitty always make me smile. You have a galerie of beauties there, your grandkids look so cute, too. This Delftware tea cup is really amazing. Thank youz for showing the details, otherwise I had overseen the pierced bottom. Looks really precious. I love blue and white china, especially with those cookies :-).
    Thank you for sharing this lovely tea time, the sweet cats and for your kind comment on my post. I wish you a good progress of this messy work. But after that all looks very nice again.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. Hi Deb
    I would have picked up the tea cup too, it's pretty with the tulip and cutout base. Don't you hate it when the house is in upheaval from renovations? At least you found a quiet spot for your tea.

  4. Each time I see your new cup, I like it more and more. The tulips and the cutout base are just wonderful. Blueberry sounds perfect for the new cup. Thanks for taking the time to find a spot to share your tea. Hugs to you and Audrey .... :D :D

  5. The look in the eyes of the cutie on the right is beautiful.
    Love that cup ...good luck with the renovations too.

  6. what a lovely tea cup and the two beauties are so sweet!Audrie looks a bit exhausted of helping the retired guy and both of them deserve a delicious tea time break together!

  7. I think we all would have grabbed ourselves that cup, Deb. It really is a pretty one. The cookies look good too. As always, we're happy to get a glimpse of your kitties. Thank you for coming to tea even in the midst of your reno.


  8. What a unique tea cup! You are right, the pierced bottom is very unusual.

  9. It is a pretty cup:)

    I appreciate the chaos you are living in..never my favorite times :)
    Enjoy your quiet moments..your sidebar pics are so cute~Riley:)and the others too..but that smile:)

  10. You and I are 2 peas in a pod! I am sitting at the kitchen table which is shoved into the den and before stands an armoire which is partly painted. The kitchen floor is covered in plastic and their are supplies everywhere! Boards are leaning against the counters because my husband is replacing the shelves in the armoire.

    You did a great job of sharing your vignette in another location!!

  11. Hello Deb,
    You set yourself up a sweet little tea area! I love your blue and white tea mug. Everything you put together looks so lovely. The treats too!
    I do love seeing your sweet kitties. I just love cats, but am very allergic to them. boo hoo!
    Hugs to you and them,

  12. Love your blue and white china. Over the years I collected blue and white dishes, cups and such. The kitties images on your blog are wonderful. We are owned by two cats.

  13. Love the blue and white cup and the cookies look yummy!

  14. You are right, it is a unique cup, and a beautiful one. I am partial to blue and white myself, and this is a wonderful addition to your teacup collection, a teacup I would use over & over for my tea time.

  15. The blue and white cup with blueberry tea. Just perfect!
    Pass one of those cookies my way, won't you please?
    Beautiful kitties to visit and care for and we're sure they love their cat sitter.

  16. We appreciate the great lengths you went to, to share your tea with us today! Such a neat cup. Beautiful how the floral design is three dimensional.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. My best friend is a Deft woman. It is such beautiful china. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Martha