Monday, April 22, 2013

Poor Deb

"Poor Deb. She's just back from the dentist and had to have a tooth pulled.
She looks like somethin' the cat dragged in and upside-down she looks worse. Poor thing."
"Can I get you anything, dear one?"
"I feel so bad for her. Apparently, the tooth was damaging the next tooth so they yanked it out."

"Oh my goodness, Who am I kiddin'.  She's all frozen up and looks hilarious.  THIS is the best yet. MADE MY DAY."
                                                           "HAHAHAHAHA!" *snort*
"This is epic."


  1. So-oo sorry, Deb. I really dislike anything that has to do with the dentist, so I 'feel' for you.
    And I'm sure that Audrey does too... she's just not showing it at the moment.

  2. oh AUDREY!! Be nice to Mommy!!

    Poor Deb, that's just awful. Hope you are getting lots of TLC and feel better very soon!!!

  3. Ahhhh, be nice. Wait til they pull your teeth. It hurts.

  4. Oh, Audrey is just trying to make you laugh so you'll feel better! :-)

    I hope you do feel better soon! I know it's no fun to have a tooth pulled!

  5. Deb, goodness ... sorry to hear about your trip to the dentist. Feel better soon. Audrey, you better be kind to Mummy ... she does feed you, doesn't she???!!!

  6. Now be nice, Audrey, or your mama cat is going to bite you in the a$$!!!

  7. Did Audrey forget..."don't dis the hand that feeds you!" Take care, Deb and feel better, XOXO

  8. A trip to the dentist is never a joyful outing. Cats are usually good companions when one is feeling poorly--very loving and cuddly--as long as their mealtime isn't neglected.
    Be kind to yourself!

  9. I cant stand the dentist ! Hope you feel better soon ! Cute post and photos ! Now Now Kitty be nice to Mama !

  10. Audrey be nice to Deb! She does feed you after all. Sorry for the pulled tooth..ouch!

  11. Oh, I feel your pain....I had a tooth pulled a couple of months ago, and it was really no fun at all.
    Hope you feel better SOON.
    Don't ya love talking for your cats???

  12. So sorry. Do take care, Deb. I hope you feel better soon!
    AA - be a good kitty... you know you want to be!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. Dear Deb,

    Hope you get to take it easy today and all the furries snuggle up with you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  14. Your poor mom. Our mom remembers how it feels to have a bad tooth. We're purring she'll be better soon.

    We're sorry we haven't visited in a while. Mom Paula has been recuperating from her surgery and working too hard. We think we need to hire a new mom.

    Truffle and Brulee

  15. I'm glad you have such a caring and helpful nurse in your time of trouble!

  16. And you know that is what they're really thinking. Well, that and "who's gonna operate the can opener for the cat food if you're out of commission ?"

  17. Every picture tells a story..Brilliant post Deb.
    Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than having anything done to the teeth.

  18. Audrey,
    be kind. This is the human who gives you treats, toys, meds, food, shelter, ear scritchings and plenty of patience.
    Hope she feels better soon.