Monday, April 1, 2013

The purr-fect bun basket

Today was a day of chillin' and getting the dining-room and kitchen back in order.
Poor, poor Audrey. She's completely exhausted from hiding on the company yesterday. It really cramped her style.
 She only likes people over 3 feet tall.

My new bread basket looked pretty as a center-piece so there it stayed. I should have known before long that anything that houses bread buns would also suit a cat.
You have to know by now that I am a complete push-over when it comes to felines. I guess it is now a cat bed and I'll just pick up another one for the dinners. :-b

I know...sad!

hugs, Deb


  1. Some cats definitely don't like company. My parents had one, Misty, who was extremely shy and wary of people. She'd make herself scarce.

  2. Anyone for a furry bun. lol
    we eat and drink hairs on a regular basis here. lol

  3. Audrey can't have all the fun! Annie wants some too! :D :D

  4. I completely understand! Rosie thinks she's my Sous Chef and wants to be a part of everything too! Audrey looks mightly comfy in that basket, XOXO

  5. Fab... :-)

    The best center-piece I've ever seen!

  6. But it fits Miss Annie beautifully!
    Jane x

  7. It does seem to accommodate Miss Annie very well.
    Yes, a kitty basket it is.

  8. I too understand. When I was looking for Easter baskets this year, I realized that the cats had taken over all the baskets in the house... thus, new baskets for the grandkids needed to be bought.
    And our Ghost (who resembles Audrey) also disappears when there are 'people' around...

  9. Mmm I would take that purrfect bun bread home!♥

  10. Deb whatever the cats want they seem to get here also!

  11. If they can squeeze themselves in it, it's a bed! Wouldn't you think such a fun loving cat would think kids are the greatest to play with? Maeve won't come out for kids either.

  12. Kitty Bun on Basket !
    My mom said YUMMMMM ; )

  13. Oh sweet and just the right size for a pussy cat. Nobody will mind a bit of floof with their bread.

  14. I love your blog, you are so tender hearted towards your felines, I get a big smile and warm feeling reading how happy your kitteh cats and know you love them so so much. I feel the same way about my two baby dolls, Mr. Miyagi a wild tiger boy all black and fat and cute as a button, Miss Cody, short haired and older who is adorable, my hubs did not enjoy cats until we got a lot, we lost our two oldest children on july 9, last year and july was traumatic for me especially..My hubs dug the graves and I was too hysterical to do much, we had a memorial with many of my friends stopping by to console me...As I read your blog, I get a wonderful feeling, I adore tea and the tea cups you purchase and display are something else, your meals look so inviting and the love you share with your family is so wonderful, I cannot understand people who dislike cats of any kind and tea and tea cups..kindred spirits one and all, Happy spring, Happy to you and peace and love to your lovely lovely kitteh cats and your lovely family too! CiaoX()

  15. Oh, and Riley and Bradley are the most adorable grandkids I have ever seen and I have seen plenty, our only child did shots for Gap ads and many ads in NYC, she got to select the wee ones for the ads, they were not as cute as Bradley and Riley they could be models for many publications, they are dadblasted cute! I know you are so proud of your children and grandbabies too and your hubs, your home looks like a heaven on earth tea cups, china and food that looks and I am sure tastes like whee, I am so grateful to have found your blog, it helps me to get over the loss of my kitteh cats and it makes me feel great and happy each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Your Audrey is the spitting image of our Smokey. Smokey is not quite two years old and still playful, but she does give us those Audrey looks now and then.

    I've decided to go on a blog reading hiatus. Lots of interesting ideas and thoughts that keep me from doing what I need to do. One could get lost in blog world and never come out!! However, your blog and Coffee, Tea, Books and Me are the two I will keep reading. Wonderful writing and wonderful photos. Thank you!

  17. Love it -- liking only people more than three feet tall! I'm sure she is very relieved the festivities are over!