Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Apple of my eye... Annie

It's a nice sunny day here in Ontario, Canada. The snow is slowly leaving and the streets are a bit mucky. Yesterday I spotted some crocuses peaking through the ground. That is a sure sign that Spring is here.

Our front room is upside down today as the retired guy strips some wood, paints and replaces windows. The cats are having a great time with the new 'scratcher/bed'. That was a good purchase.


I picked up a jar of apple butter today. 
This company was started by my husband's grandfather in 1922 and is now owned and operated by his uncles's family. The factory is in Wellesley, Ontario which is close to Waterloo. The ingredients are pure apple juice, apple sauce and cinnamon. No added sugar or preservatives. This is great on toast, crackers or served with pork. Their logo says 'Have your apple a day the Wellesley way'. OK!

My son asked me at Easter, "Why does Annie always have 'the deer in the head-light' look?
Well, I'm not sure because she certainly is not a nervous nilly with people. She does have her worries, just like all of us, but they are few and albeit a bit strange. She is terrified of the sound of tin-foil being ripped. It sends her flying out of the kitchen Audrey can be sitting right next to her and not pay a bit of attention to the sound. Odd!
If I sneeze, she's gone.
She does have an 'old soul' look about her. She is only 3 this year but her eyes say she has lived through some difficult times and has a story to tell.

This photo shows the softer eyes on Annie.

She is my lap cat, my bed buddy, my shadow. She took it very seriously when I whispered in her ear that she would never be alone again. That she was safe now and would be loved. For those who are new to this blog, Annie came to me as a foster cat from our local shelter with 3 kittens in tow. They were only 2 days old. She had been abandoned in a house with other cats by horrid, irresponsible owners. Just left to die, I guess. She weighed 5 lbs, a bone-rack, and here she was trying so hard to feed these babies. It took some time to get her on her feet and looking well.

But that's behind her now and today she is a happy & a much healthier cat.

I'm going to send you over to another beautiful blog today.
You are going to thank me for this. I hope you have a tea and lots of time to browse. Enjoy!

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie was so lucky to have found you!

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    2. Thanks. I feel very lucky to have found her. She really is a wonderful cat.

  2. I agree with Sweet but I'd add that both of you were lucky to meet each other...Annie's story is so moving how she tried to survive and save her kitties in such cruel circumstances it brings tears to my eyes but life gave her a second chance by meeting you Deb and now she is happy with naughty Audrey and your loving family ♥
    A nice day to fix and paint...The apple butter looks delicious and organic!

  3. Poor little lovey, a rough start is never forgotten and can make a cat a bit skitterish. It is nice to know that she will always be safe and loved at your home Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. There is something about your Annie that just makes me want to protect her. I love her little face that seems a bit worried.
    I'm thankful she has found a home with you.

  5. We love it when things work out for the best! Nice photo of Annie in her carton - we like our boxes as well!

  6. Sounds very much like our Harley . Some sounds she freaks at some she talks to me about , funny cat's are aren't they ! Harley was a tiny stray kitten when we found her she was only 5 months old , now she is 4 years old , is very happy and safe and has a big shaggy sister named Miggs to play with and cuddle up to . Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good evening !

  7. We have been lurking about your blog as we enjoy looking at your teacups and reading about your cats. We are glad Annie and you found each other.

  8. I popped over to that site. Thanks for the tip! To Annie you must be all that is safe and comforting (tin foil ripping aside) and I'm sure she loves every minute she spends with you. What horrors for a brave, little mother to endure and she so deserved to find the best home there is out there!

  9. Her start in life was so awful. She knows that life is not always as wonderful as it is now. She fears everything she loves could be lost in a moment. As a previous poster said, you want to take her in your arms and reassure her she is loved and her home is secure. When I see her I always think she is something more than a regular cat, if you know what I mean. Deeper, wiser, understanding more.

  10. A good visit. Thanks.
    Dad really misses being able to garden, go camping, travel around the little towns of W PA. We have a few sad starts in our clowder who still jump at just about anything. We love them dearly and give solace by the gallon. No longer lost they are found.

  11. Annie is gorgeous and lucky...but so are you to have Annie! :D :D Cassie doesn't like me to sneeze ... she meows at me every time!

  12. I am glad you are getting Spring in Ontario. We woke to more snow today... yuk!
    Annie is so sweet, I can almost hear her purring... Take care!


  13. Annie reacts a lot like our Ghost. Ghost startles at any loud noise... even putting pots away in the kitchen, tearing off plastic wrap, etc. And we brought her inside when she was only about 3 weeks old so she didn't really have any bad experiences. Sometimes I think her eyesight is not what it should be... along with her other genetic problems. But she does well and is very attached to me.

  14. Pretty Annie - feels so good to save such an angel. My Lucy comes running when you tear foil. She wants some in a ball to play with - they are all over the house! J

  15. Annie is absolutely gorgeous. And yes, they do understand when you whisper and say you will never be alone or unsafe again. That photo is a stunner.

    And Lizzie Cosette has the same issue with tin foil -- it sends her screaming out of the kitchen!

  16. Dear Deb,

    Thank you for sending all those kind ladies my way!! You are a sweetheart :-)

    Annie looks very sweet. We had a cat a long time ago, but I enjoy the cats in my neighbourhood (and yours) very much!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  17. Ook hier gaat het beter weer worden, vandaag scheen de hele dag de zon.
    Lijkt me erg lekker, appel boter.

    Doei Doei Greet.

  18. Annie is an old soul but now has found a loving life and can just be happy! I love this photo of her!

  19. There are so many terrible stories from animal-rescue; I'm glad that so many end happily. It makes me glad to see mine snoozing away in a cat-bed or on a cat-tree when there is a blizzard raging outside. They are unconcerned and warm, and that's how it should be. But I still think of all the cats, dogs and people who have yet to find their homes.

  20. That last shot of Annie, there's such character to her!