Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting to know Basil

Spring is such a great time to start a beautiful herb garden. Our winter has worn us all out and we are anxious to get planting. The ground is not ready, though and won't be for awhile so indoor gardens are popular right now.

I love to have herbs in pots in the kitchen and today I brought home some basil.
It has a beautiful fragrance and I pick it up for a close sniff when I walk by. I think Lily enjoys it, too.
Basil belongs to the mint family. If you look close, the pointed leaves of the plant looks a lot like peppermint. It is highly fragrant and used as a seasoning herb. I use it in stir-fry, always in my spaghetti sauce  and it is delicious in rice.
Basil is recommended for digestive issues. So, after dinner instead of having a mint why not sip on an after-dinner cup of basil tea. It is full of vitamins and helps to boost the immune system. See

Basil Tea
3 tbsp. of fresh chopped basil leaves to 2 cups of boiled water. Strain before serving or if you prefer, you can chew on the leaves.  And, of course I add a bit of honey. 
      Basil Tea in my Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works tea-cup
in my favorite tea-pot
This is a great tea before calling it a day.
No cookies today as I am just back from having dental work done. My nurse, Audrey has been wonderful. ;-)
Lily is 18 years old now, and when she is not with Ed in the basket or cuddled with him on the couch, she is seeking out a sun-puddle.

As you can see, we are once again enjoying bright sunlight in the late afternoon.

I'm joining Sandi at for Tea- time Tuesday & Share Your Cup Thursday at
hugs, Deb


  1. Great photos! Your teapot is lovely. And Lily is a beauty! How do you keep your kitties from chewing on the herbs?

  2. Lily is gorgeous! And I love that cheerful orange teacup. Basil is a favourite plant but it is so cold in our village perched atop a hill that I must grow it only indoors. Would love it outside. x

  3. Having a small herb garden is glorious I have 4 kind of herbs in pots:parsley,ciboulette, thyme( which is my fav) mint and basil too Among them I have some marigolds and tacos de reina to attract insects that can damage them.
    I didn´t know you can make tea from basil and its digestive issues! I use to drink lemmon verbena but I will give a try!
    I hope you are recovering from your dental work but please Deb don´t drink the tea very hot! I am happy that Audrey was a good girl and a better nurse and Lily a very calm and sweet company♥

  4. Lily is quite the beauty! We must plant basil again -- my hubby likes to cook with it :)

  5. It's good that Lily is able to enjoy her sunset years in peace and comfort with you and Mr Ed and the rest of the family. I hope the mouth is healing well after the dental surgery. I find it often depends on the dentist; I hope yours is a good one.

  6. Good afternoon Deb,
    I have never grown herbs. I enjoy them and love cooking with them but no growing them. Your favourite teapot is a pretty one and your Lily is adorable! I have often wondered about that wee white kitten climbing up the cupboard, if she's yours. Perhaps Lily at one time? It always captures my attention because it's so sweet. Thank you for joining me for tea today and have a beautiful day.


  7. Lily is still a beauty at age 18. She carries her years so well. I love her so! I do remember that brief period of time when she gave darling Ed the cold shoulder. I was so angry with her! But mostly, I've wanted to cuddle her and kiss her beautiful face. She still glistens in the sunlight like a kitten.
    There is a display of basil plants in the grocers now. They smell heavenly but they'd be nommed to death in minutes at our house.

  8. So cute Lily and amazing age 18 years!!!

  9. If you get a chance check out my post from yesterday.....not today's. You will love it.
    18 years, wow.
    Hope you are feeling okay. I really don't like dental work, but I would guess no one does.

  10. I love basil! I've never thought to make basil tea, though. How neat! Hope you are feeling ok today after your dental work!

  11. I use basil a fair bit but have never made a tea with the leaves, sounds interesting.
    I feel for you having dental work - ugh.

  12. Lily is a real beauty! Hope your toothies are feeing better today

    My honeybees love basil flowers!

  13. The basil I overwintered indoors has finally petered out and I'm dying to get going on a new pot! You've inspired me to jump the gun and get it going indoors. Thanks.

  14. Beautiful post!
    You got a lovely space here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  15. Love that sunlight! Yum, Caprese salad with basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella is one of my fav things to make. I always plant a few basil plants in my herb garden. Never tried basil tea. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. It's that mint smell that appeals to them.