Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fond of Ferals

I have a soft-spot for feral cats. I have met many in my years of volunteering with animal shelters and rescue groups in my area. Two years ago I helped out when a rescue group went into an abandoned barn to trap and rescue and place into foster homes 25 feral cats. It was very successful and after many days of trapping, all the cats were placed somewhere where they were safe, fed and cared for. This picture of one of those cats will always be my favorite because this fella was determined to be the last to surrender. (He has now been adopted and is in a loving home)


  1. have hit a soft spot here. "She" is in love with ferals. Their needs, their determination, their hard won love and trust. "She" took in a family of five from a rescue group that had run out of room. Two are left and they live a VERY comfortable life inside. Yep, INSIDE. "She" worked and worked and worked. Finally convinced them "she" was okay. And that love was good. And scritchin's - can't forget that, "she's" very good at that! And there are others she's brought over to the friendlier side of life. And "she" is a better person because of them.

    Romeo and "her"

  2. I carry cat food in my car and feed stray cats as I find them and there are a few places I go to on a regular basis to put out food for strays...I hate to see animals on their own, it hurts my heart.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on your--and everyone else's--efforts. What a success story!

    There is quite a feral population close to campus, thanks to kids who took on cats in a fall term, didn't spay/neuter, then tossed them out when they left in April. My co-worker and I rescued a couple of kittens just about two years ago now, and she fostered them till they were adopted. I always carry at least one tin of food with me in my knapsack, as I walk through there every day to and from work. Our local shelter, whom I've contacted about this, has no interest in trapping. And if they did, they would euthanize anyway. Upsets me greatly that people are so careless, disrespectful of other Beings and ignorant (to not spay/neuter and to abandon), but of course I'm preaching to the converted here!

  4. Thank you for all your comments. It feels good to know that others care about these poor, lost little souls. I feed some every night down a country road. I can't get near them but at least I know they have a full tummy for the night. I stop there after doing my cat-sitting rounds and I usually see at least one or two. They know my car now and wait for me. I have talked to a lady in the area that has trapped cats and soon we will try to get a few and fix them. They will probably have to be released again because they are as wild as raccoons. Deb