Sunday, March 14, 2010

KNEAD TO KNOW - "The cat is making biscuits"
This is especially descriptive with cats who have white paws and look like they have been dipped in flour. The kneading behaviour develops at birth when the new-born pushes on the mother to find the nipple and then presses with its paw to stimulate milk. This will continue throughout the cat's life and show up when the cat is very content and relaxed. A female in heat will knead in anticipation of mating. Did you know cat's forepaws are very sensitive and this explains why they do not like having their forepaws touched. Few things are nicer than to have a massage from a cat's gentle paws. My cat, Maggie is the only cat here that loves to have her front paws rubbed and massaged while she is being carried around. That's not the only reason she is an odd one ^..^.

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