Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kitty Plates

These four plates hang on my dining-room wall. If you look close enough you will see that there is a cat on each plate. The first one was a gift from one of my cat-sitting clients and that was what got me started on my love of plates. These are the only ones I own with a cat-theme. The third plate is my favorite because it reminds me of my time at my grandmothers as a child and my love of her little tabby cat named Maggie. I named one of our kitties after that cat and she is now almost 18 years old.
Today is a sunny, cold day in Carleton Place. The birds outside my office window are looking very impatient for their nuts and toast. Funny how even birds get into a routine.

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday. We are off to Ottawa to look at a trailor for sale. Thinking Summer! Deb