Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here is my your thing. (Hugo March 10/10)

KITTY LITTER DELIVERY is a franchise in parts of the U.S. that deliver litter, food & other cat items door-to-door for the busy family & the elderly. A much needed service in this day & age.
As a cat-sitter, I have had many opportunities to see how a business like this could be very appreciated by families and ESPECIALLY the senior cat-owners. For instance, have you tried to carry one of those larger bags of kitty litter from the store, to the car and into the house. This is one of the reasons I have 2 5lb. weights in my house, to bulk up just for this reason. :) I have often delivered such items to clients to make their lives easier and avoid them getting injured. So, personally I think this franchise will be grrrrrrrreat for some cat-owners. "Good on ya." Now we need some Canadian entrepreneurs to get on the bandwagon. Hmmm....maybe I should up the weights by 5 lbs & get a bigger trunk.

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