Thursday, March 4, 2010

SIAMESE CATS - They are an exotic breed, indeed. When I first laid eyes on our Siamese he was in trouble....serious trouble. He lay in a litter-box, facing the back of the cage with his eyes open and staring. He seemed lifeless and depressed. "We were told he is around 20 years old and we have just had the last of his teeth removed", said the shelter attendant. My first thought was, "well, at least he can't bite me". I picked him up and he just melted into my arms. That sealed it. I brought him home and he was very gracious when the introductions began. He had to impress 5 old female cats and he was not feeling his best. That was last May, 2009. He has gone through a few name changes and is now called, Mr. Ed. My veterinarian just shook her head when she met him and said, "Well, now you have a Siamese. They are different cats, you know. He will own you in no time". That he does. 

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