Monday, March 22, 2010

White Dishes - Another obsession

This tray & serving bowl was a Christmas gift from my daughter. It was bought in Perth, Ontario at a little gift shop. The only mark on the bottom is "B"so I have no idea where it was made. I think I will use this at least cover the tray with chocolate bunnies. This is one of my cabinets where I pile up the dishes. Oh, I wish I had a china pantry but that's on my wish list. I love white dishes because I can integrate other colours with them and it always looks good. One of my daughters likes to add to my collection at Christmas and Mother's Day and I look forward to her additions.

This elephant tea-pot I found in a gift store in Carleton Place. It is one of those stores that was owned by 3 generations and it is always stocked to the ceiling with wonderful items. I guess I collect tea-pots since I have at least a dozen in all colours.


  1. What a sweet little tea pot! At least, it looks like a tea pot. :-)

  2. I love all your white china. I have the same oval dish (2nd picture). I think it's so pretty. Your cats are sweet. We used to have a calico and a black-and-white cat. They both lived to be 16 and lived peacefully with the dogs.

  3. Beautiful dishes.