Saturday, March 13, 2010

EAGER FOR EASTER - Easter is coming and I am itchin' to decorate. I love my cats but I have another 'addiction' and that is decorating for the season. I spent this morning with my head in a closet looking for the box labelled 'Easter' so I could, once again, rummage through all the decorations for this wonderful celebration. The memories that fly from a box. Bunnies, chicks, painted Easter eggs, Oh..the thrill of it all! Well, that is as far as I got and then I had to go to my first kitty-client so maybe tomorrow I will actually begin the transformation of my dining-room.

Every year I have to add a little something to my collection. These Easter eggs were irresistible ..don't you agree?


  1. I will have to show you some of my kitty Easter decorations my sister got for me! When is your grandchild due? My grandson was born on 11/23/09- Jonas on my blog... He's such a cute little guy!

  2. I love the big bunny and the easter eggs, they are so cute, I agree I love Easter too, I couldn't wait, my post is up now called here comes Peter Cottontail, come for a visit, your gonna love it and you will get a little early taste of Easter, take care of those kitties, Phyllis