Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A FEW CAT DANGERS - When you bring home a cat it is best to cat-proof your home. Keep out of reach any materials that may cause harm if swallowed such as elastic bands, string & paper clips. I know of a cat who luckily survived swallowing a thread that was attached to a sewing needle. After many hours at the veterinarian clinic & surgery ($$$$) the cat came home none-the-worse but it could have been avoided with some time taken to cat-proof. If you use floor cleaners with harmful chemicals your cat can pick that up on it's paws and after washing it's paws can become very sick. Coins are another thing that, when swallowed, can be very dangerous. On a personal note, years back my mom visited me in Toronto, Ont. and brought a toy for my persian, Charity. There was a string attached to the toy. When I returned from work days later I noticed that the cat was struggling in the litter-box. She was also off her food. I took her to the vet and sure enough she had swallowed the string and it was wrapped around the bowel. Mucho $$'s later she came home and we threw out any toys with strings. Lesson learned. Stick to feathered toys and balls without the bell inside. A sock with catnip inside makes for hours of fun.

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