Monday, March 22, 2010

It is a dreary, foggy day here in Carleton Place, Ontario. I can barely see the birds in the trees outside my office. I do hear them though, squawking for their breakfast. I know we need rain but I don't work well with this weather. I guess I need sun to motivate me. I wish you all a wonderful day wherever you are. Hope the sun is shining for you.


  1. I saw some of your cats and they sure are good looking. It is cloudy and cold here too. Who is the white kitty in the picture?? Good to meet you. Thanks for coming to our blog.

  2. Hi Marg - the white cat is my Lily who was rescued from a very bad situation 8 years ago. She is my shadow, my love. I am happy to have found your blog because I have a soft spot for people who rescue. We have a beautiful sheltie also that we picked up at a shelter and he had a sad story too. He is with us now for 8 years and he is my side-kick. He loves the cats too. Keep in touch and I will certainly be enjoying your blog. Deb.

  3. Beautiful white dishes! but of course, your kitties are the stars! Happy week!...Debbie