Friday, March 19, 2010

The weather is sunny and warm again today. I am just getting ready to head up to Almonte, Ont. to care for Lucy the Siamese. The birds are gathering in the tree outside my office window because I am a little late with their breakfast. So impatient...
Hugo (my grand-kitty) always comes into the office to listen to the music from Cherry Hill Cottage (Tina from Texas) The music on her blog is so beautiful that I listen to it while working away at my paperwork. Thanks Tina, you have great taste.

Drop by tomorrow because I will share some information that will benefit your cats' health. ^..^


  1. Hi Hugo! Looks like you have some great kitty TV outside that office window!

    Have a great day and weekend, everyone. :-)

  2. Deb, I'm so excited to find your blog. Cats are my fav. I have one big Maine Coon, that is my love. Thanks for visiting me and now I can follow your blog, welcome to this wonderful world of bloggers. I have had my blog for about 9 months, I love it. Hope you'll visit me again,I will have to post my cat more often, although he is on my banner. Smiles, Marla