Monday, March 8, 2010

"I think Mother Nature is pullin' our chain but I'll take it. I brought home a shamrock plant for my cats to enjoy so they could have a bit of Spring, too. They love lying in the Spring time sun. It is so much warmer and hangs around longer. As a cat-sitter, I am just happy to not have to wear winter boots anymore since I have to put them on, take them off, put them on...too often. Oh, bring it on."

Here is my Maggie (18 year old) checking out the new plant on the floor.


  1. Oh my ~ is there anything more enjoyable then finding a new cat blog to follow? No ~ I think not! :)

    So many sweet new cats to meet. Lovely! I'll be back!

  2. Hello darling thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for the kind comment you left behind, much appreciated. Luv, I am delighted that our blogs crossed, now I have a lovely world to visit on daily basis.

    Love & Hugs