Thursday, March 4, 2010


"But tomorrow may rain so........ I'll follow the sun."

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  1. Susan and Kathy are followers too Deb. How lovely. Isn't Kathy's home so like mine? All pastels. She is one talented lady. Love her... and Susan, well she is the Tablescape Queen. The friend I'm visiting in Ga. has had a couple blogging tea parties with her and Debbie.
    You have been a busy blogger my friend. You are a true natural. I'm going to find a box for "fat cat". to play in. She's really lazy. What do you know about a cat that has excessive fur and lot's of dander? No clumps, just lot's of it going everywhere! I could brush her 20 times a day, she even let's me use the vac on her. It's really strange... her food is as healthy as your going to get. No treats, she just eats. She was a stray, skinny, first litter at 6 months from stupid neighbours. We rescued her, got her spayed and gained so much weight. I think she's 20 lbs.!!! Any advice? Can't do the low fat dry for her, since we have another rescue that is 12 years old.
    Hope you had a great weekend Deb.
    Love Claudie
    P.S. Thanks for changing the "comment as" : )