Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Alone...with my cats. =^..^= =^..^=

It was a hot chocolate kinda day today. But, seeing I'm watching my calories...watching them do what, you ask?,...I settled for a big cup of hot tea. My favorite, anyway. Freezing winds and lower temperatures than we have been used to this winter are here to stay awhile. I knew the warmer weather was too good to be true. :(

The birds were having a feeding frenzy in this cold weather.

                                                             The funny Nuthatch. 

The Downy Woodpecker

Good entertainment for two attentive felines.

I had this whole day to myself.  A cold but beautiful, quiet day. Everyone needs that once in awhile, right.
I love my alone time. I always have. Well, alone with a cat or two is the best, really. It gives me time to catch up on a few things that have been put aside. I played my music loud, the way I like it, and was still able to enjoy my purring cats. I baked, cleaned a bit around the feeders and read.

I changed up my teeny-weeny kitchen window shelf. I am so anxious to bid winter "farewell" that I need to look at lambs and bunnies and flowers and well, you know what I mean. I need the softness of Spring.

Annie enjoys a wee bit of milk every morning 
on this teeny tea-bag dish.
It was passed down to her from our beloved Sierra.
Not all cats can tolerate milk. Sierra was fine and enjoyed it. Annie now does,  too.
Every time I take it off the hook I think of Sierra.

(love her apron)

" look better upside-down; less wrinkles."

"Thanks Audrey" *geesh*

 My little peach, Annie.

Bran muffins and tea for a late-day snack. Yum!

It is freezing outside. Hope you had a good day and stay cozy.

hugs, Deb


  1. The cats make for very good company on a cold day.

  2. Annie has beautiful markings on her face.

  3. Yup. tea and cats on a cold day sounds divine :)
    We are digging out from the latest gift of Winter.
    The snow is dry and light and easy to move :) Whew!
    All in all, not too bad.
    Now I need my tea and kitties :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  4. Oh, I love nuthatches! What a sweet picture. -Jenn

  5. Our Rose likes a wee drop of cream also. And we treat her to a tiny squish of Rediwhip each morning which she adores. As for being home alone with the cats... I think this is time well spent.

  6. Oh, doesn't Annie look especially pretty on the colors of that rug! I am glad she is carrying on the tradition of a wee bit of milk in the mornings.

    Stay warm and cozy as best you can... between trips to the bird feeders. So glad they have your constant care.


  7. Yup tea with a sweet treat pets and alone time I like it to ! We have another dusting of snow and it is cold out this evening with howling winds to ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  8. Played your music loud? Oh rebel you! Hahaha!
    I see my card on your windowsill, along with your dear SPRING Things!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  9. There is nothing like having a day at home alone. I love it! It will take some getting used to when Poppy retires in March. That is such a sweet picture of Annie. She is a peach for sure.

  10. I love alne time, too, and I agree, alone with kitties is the best! :-)
    It's freezing cold here, too. A cup of hot tea sounds good. Stay warm!

  11. Love your peachy cat...her eyes are beautiful!
    I do love my does a soul good! My favorite!

  12. I love my alone time, too. Although I guess I'm not really alone with 4 kitties all around me and one or the other on my lap when I sit down. They are the best kind of company.
    Love the photos of your pretty kitties. My Stormy likes ice cream and is so smart that we have to spell it out when we are getting ready to dish it up. She'll come running if I mention the word. lol!

  13. Cute cats and fun photos! Love the birds too!

  14. I love your Spring display, those bunnies ..... What a nice thing that it is that Annie has inherited Sierra's milk bowl. Always good to remember our companions who have gone. Annie is such a pretty girl. Stay warm! x

  15. you always make my day,,

  16. Sweet post. My Charlie loved his milk and I would save a few sips in my glass and he would dip his paw in there and lick it up. Good memories.

  17. The mouse house certainly looks cozy Deb and, like you, I love a day at home without pressing issues, appointments etc. - just being a bit lazy, if baking, tidying up, working on little vignettes, reading and blogging can be called 'being lazy', haha! I don't think we women are ever truly lazy, do you?
    The kitties look their adorable selves - I kitty-sat my neighbor's Nuala last weekend - she's a huge calico and rather shy. Second day though when i came through the door she immediately came along the hallway and actually meowed 'hello' - or something to that effect! I still miss having a cat in my home after all these years - perhaps later when we stay home more I can persuade Bob. . . . . . . . . . . .!!!

    Stay cozy - Mary x

  18. Gorgeous photos, and you know I'm desperately in love with Audrey, even when she says sassy things...

  19. I love alone time, too, and it's only enhanced by the company of my kitties.

  20. That sounds like a perfect day to me! I enjoy my quiet alone times as well...good for the soul!

  21. It's wonderful seeing Peach! She's such a beauty and her eyes are still extraordinary! I remember when she first came to live with you. There was such sadness and despair in her lovely eyes. Now there is intelligence, depth and contentment. Fills my heart with happiness. I still believe she is an old soul. I love her so!

  22. We're never really alone when we have our sweet furry friends beside us! I spend so much time alone and so glad for these little companions. Love all your dear little window-sill treasures and those sweet kitty faces. xx K

  23. So love my alone time also, even though for me that is a ride in the car without kids! I tell myself, one your tea cup by the way.

  24. Audrey looks so disdainful of everything you do. I'm sure she's not really. Not of everything...

    Having time alone can be refreshing, invigorating. I like to sit with a cup of tea and a pastry, like you, and listen to music, something quiet. I'm at work right now, which is the opposite. Sigh.

  25. I have a couple of things that are Gypsy. All Gypsy. They are precious sweet reminders. And my alone time is precious. I must prefer it to the din of people most of the time, to be able to enjoy time with Lizzie (whom, I should add, is anything but quiet!), do crafty or home stuff or read. It's the best.

  26. I love a day at home too. Even though I'm a "full-time homemaker", eldercare takes me out of the house daily. You might say I'm a full-time homemaker in two different homes. So a quiet day when I don't have to go out is a welcome rarity.

    Loved to see the nuthatch -- they are so funny -- and the downy woodpecker. We have both at our feeders here in New Hampshire.

    Oh yes, and I love your teacup, too, and your touches of spring. A long way off here!