Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Grands' of all kinds.

My grandkitty, Ruby.
Off-spring of Annie, sibling to Audrey.

I love her to bits.
She's a copy of her momma.

Right down to the peachy toes.
Speaking of "love her to bits", I had lots of fun with little Gwynn today.
We coloured, had tea & played peek-a-boo in her bedroom.
She has a 'big girl' room now.

Little curly-top.
Who is the cutest of them all?
I know who.  ;)))

Sharing a colouring book with Gramps.

Back home...
It's a GRAND day today.
The birds are all a flutter at the feeders.
It's snowing now but mild.
David, the neighbours' cat,
came by for a visit and enjoyed a treat or two at the side-door.

Colder weather is on the way.

Time to pack on some weight again. (the birds...not me)
And Simon was out today.
He really is a weirdo.
I'll be hanging up my new bird-house
so the resident birds will get used to it
before Spring.
Audrey enjoyed a full-body massage last night
and then promptly fell over on the floor.
No worries...she's fine.

hugs, Deb


  1. You are busy with all the grands and your menagerie! Gwynn is so cute ... growing up!

  2. I see the feline family resemblance! It sounds like a simply lovely time. Oh, how we treasure those!

  3. Ruby really is a copy of Annie- so cute. And Gwynn really is growing up. Her own big girl room already... that's got to be fun!

  4. Audrey has such a soft gentle expression,, she is beautiful and your grand daughter is the loveliest of them all, lol, those girls, that face, a little angle,,,

  5. That Ruby is a pretty girl, but not as pretty as that sweet Gwynn. I spent the afternoon with Sara and Scout and it helped. I know I heard Charlie meow this morning. All is well! hugs, Linda

  6. That is such a good picture of you and Ruby. She does look like Annie! You have so many cuties around your place, I'm telling you, I would not know who to hug first! Gwynn is adorable...I may have said that a dozen times! :)

  7. Grands are the most special. Love mine to pieces and enjoy every minute with them, XOXO

  8. Such cute stories of your loves and your life! Spring is on the way....although we're in for a rough patch before that, for sure!

  9. Ruby is so cute ! and Gwynn is a lovely little girl .You are a blessed woman Deb

  10. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely weekend ! Wonderful photos . Rain snow mix for us as of this evening , yup my birdies are feasting like mad today again getting all they can in before the weather turns a bit YUKKY !. Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  11. I could use a full body massage! haha.

    We're having cold weather move in, too, by Tuesday...and a little snow, I guess!

    Love that grandkitty. haha. We have complete litters here at our home, and I love to see the siblings congregate together to nap, even at their age (4). We always say, "'s the whole litter!" haha.

  12. The look of concentration Gwynn is wearing in her second photograph is especially cute. Playing really is learning at that age, so it is important stuff - but don't tell her that.

  13. Deb, your grandbaby is such a beautiful little girl! She looks so sweet, I bet she has a little orneriness in her, huh? You have such a lovely family!