Friday, February 5, 2016

Springing up the OH.

The charming chickadee.

A favorite around here...the Downy Woodpecker. He's enjoying some lunch from the suet cake I put in the dry bird-bath.
I filled all the feeders again today and changed things up a bit. I like to switch some of the suet holders and feeders around. Don't ask me why. ???
Our Pileated Woodpecker almost demolished the roof on my favorite feeder. I think he was frustrated as the suet cake he was after was all but gone and he was having a time of it just reaching it. Man, he went a little nuts and the wood was flyin'. He's a bit wacky.

It's been mild here but not much sun. I need sun these days as I have reached my limit with winter. Had enough...go away now. It will be a struggle getting through the next five weeks although we will be busy with house-building plans.

Speaking of houses, here is the spring look for the OH.
 It got a good scrubbing & I finally removed the Christmas wreath and have added a twig wreath & my new Welcome to the Country sign.

                                                    No peeking and please knock. lol

I wish I knew the age of this building. When I was a child, visiting my grandmother, it was the only bathroom to use since the old clap-board house did not have in-door plumbing. At that time, it was located much closer to the front of our property where the old house stood. And I'm sure it had been there for years before I was born. So that makes it ancient. Now it stands at the back of our lot, out of use but still worth decorating, just behind the little perennial garden. It is a treasure to me; a connection to the past. Although, not a favorite one. haha!

But...after looking at it on this post I realize there is something very important missing. That will be a project this weekend.

We are in for some colder weather now so tomorrow I'll fill the feeders. I dropped by the location where I fed ferals for years today and left a large amount of food. They are being well looked after by a kind lady in the area and I help whenever I am there. I hope they are finding some warmth and shelter and have enough food to give them comfort. If there is one thing in this world of cats that breaks my heart it is the life of those that are feral. :(

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh I do like that little outhouse . We had indoor plumbing on our farm when I was a kid we actually had a nice big bathroom every house did back in the 60s and we had septic tanks and were on well water and our house was pro pane heated as was the water heater through the furnace with the big tanks outside the house ! It has been nice and sunny here all though colder then the past few days we had a dusting of snow but that has now gone as I think the land has warmed up to . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. I grew up in the city so my visits to my grandmother's farm were very special. The out-house was the only part we rolled our eyes to.

  2. Love the outhouse decor! What a fun thing to have on your property. I remember using one at some family friends up in Iowa when I was a kid. Hated it!! LOL>

  3. The old outhouse looks positively ancient!

  4. I'm with you, Deb, in regards to the life of a feral cat! My neighborhood has an old tom cat that was born under a shed in the neighbor's backyard. I've trapped him and gotten him neutered and vaccinated but that's all that I can do with him. He's fed when he bothers to come around but it's heartbreaking to see.

  5. I love your old out-house - such an iconic country fixture from days gone by! It makes it all the more special because it was your grandparent's. I love that you keep it decorated, too. That little cat (door knocker?) is wonderful :) We have pileated woodpeckers here, too, and you can hear them drumming from quite a distance. They can do a lot of damage! We keep our dead trees standing for them. Very sad about the feral cats. You are an angel for helping them. I've adopted quite a few over the years :) xo Karen

  6. Hi Deb, that outhouse is a quaint reminder of childhood spent with grandparents on farms. I grew up with indoor plumbing in our house but when we visited our paternal grandparents here in the Free State, we also rolled our eyes at having to go to the 'little house" high up on a mound beyond the house. I love the way you decorate yours! Have a great day. Jo

  7. Cute birdhouse and looks good too! We are helping to raise funds to save our community cats. Need your help to support if possible. Thank you so much. :)​

  8. The plight of feral cats makes me want to cry - that's so nice that you drop off a bunch of food for them!