Saturday, May 6, 2017

So while it rains...

how does one get through three days of constant rain?

Here at the mouse-house there is...
1. a lot of looking out the windows and swearing. :-[
2. baking of something 'oh so yummy'
3. picking up the grand dog for a sleep over
4. taking a drive straight to the favorite chip wagon
5. reading, writing, picture organizing
6. grooming two lovable spoiled felines
7. visiting the greenhouse to water new plants 
8. staying in the greenhouse because it's dry and smells good in there
9. potting up a few more plants with my rain-lovin' grand-dog
10. feather play with  a more comfortable and purring machine, Annie

Upside down apple cake

Every time I got mad at the constant rain I reminded myself of the people not far from us in fear of losing their homes to water damage. We have nothing to complain about and pray for sun.

Our little chipping sparrow would tip his cap if he could to our Ottawa Senators. Congratulations guys on a great game. :)

"Go Sens"

hugs, Deb


  1. I hope the rain stops soon! I need a kitty grooming comb.

  2. We had a tiny break from the rain today but more is coming tonight! It could be snow, I guess. haha. Everything sure is green!

  3. We finally have sun....I too, try to remember flooding and famine. It keeps a good perspective. I miss our kitties on rainy days. Our dogs never cared for rain like your grandddog. 😊

  4. So pleased to see Annie!x back to her old
    self again..She looks lovely! :).

    But! But! The top photo of this Blog.....
    Is! Is! The lady with the snarl...! :).
    Audrey!x Yer a diamond...! :0).

  5. Annie...purring and playing -all is right with the world. Gail

  6. Hang in there. The longest it has ever rained is "40days and 40 nights!" Texas is going into our Lonnnnnng Hot Summer.
    The poor weathermen just can't get it right. My daddy would say "I think their cricket died" as he was always able to predict the weather by listening to the crickets and watching nature around him. He was a logger and carpenter and always "nailed" the weather forecast. Excuse the pun.:-}

  7. I'm doing much the same. But yesterday and today are dry (if cold) so hopefully it's making its way to your part of the world!

  8. Awww is that Annie playing with the feather? So good to see her getting better. And of course, I love Audrey. thanks for posting her photo too. When we had three straight days of rain in February this year, and we stuck up on the hill accessible only by dirt roads (then muddy!) we also got cabin fever!

  9. Deb, it looks like you have many things to keep you busy. Annie looks like she is definitely feeling better and enjoying herself, and that apple cake looks delicious!

  10. Go Sens indeed! Audrey looks fierce, while it's good to see Annie in fine spirits. Forrest is a delight to see (though I doubt Audrey agrees).

    I looked at the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers in town earlier... the water levels are bad.