Monday, September 23, 2013

A birthday and an adoption

If you are 'surfin' she'll be snugglin' 
The weather here has turned quite cool so Sierra spends more time indoors. .

We celebrated our  grand-son's first birthday. He had his own cake and we enjoyed birthday cupcakes.

Oh my goodness, he had so much fun destroying it.

I am so excited for Natalie and Gordon from They are adopting a cat from their local animal shelter (YAH!) and she looks just like Audrey.

"Well, she must be gorgeous."
                                   Yes, she is, Audrey.
                               Lucky Louise

Please drop over and see this little scalliwag that will be joining Gordon, Natalie, 2 dogs, 4 cats, many ducks, even more chickens and a family of bees. What a wonderful life is in store for this very fortunate feline.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a cupcake mess! Looks like great fun. I love to hear about a kitty getting adopted. We were love our last 3, all of which we "rescued". Have a good week!

  2. Holy cow, did he get ANY in his mouth? Cake, hands, no rules: a one year old's dream!

  3. What a wonderful birthday celebration!!

    And thank you for the lovely post about Louise. I should hear today about when her spay is, and she should be home this week. I can't wait!!

    You can tell Audrey that she's so wonderful, we figured we needed a cat just like her. :)

  4. The first birthday: the kid never remembers it, makes a lot of mess out of cake!

    Sierra looks entirely comfortable.

  5. I love first birthdays and the cake for the little one! Always fun! Yay for a sweet cat being adopted!

  6. Oh goodness, Deb! You gave us a bit of a fright there! Natalie's new kitty does look so much like Audrey.
    Congrats to the new kitty and her new family.
    Sierra and the retired guy look so perfect together. She loves him, it surely looks like it. Is she a man's kitty? I know she's fond of her postman.
    We'll take some more photos of Bradley's first. Sweetness and unbridled joy! Reaffirms our hope for this old world, it does. We'll take all
    we can get.

  7. The cake destroying looks like so much fun! And of course another kitty saved/adopted always puts a smile on my face.

  8. Louise reminds me of a cat I had many years ago...Bogie...after Bogart!!!

  9. Your grandson is so adorable with that big cupcake. What fun he obviously had.

    Louise, the Audrey look-alike, sure is a cutie. How wonderful that she's being adopted!

  10. Louise is getting spayed Thursday and we are picking her up Friday, and I CAN'T WAIT!! :)

  11. Happy birthday Bradley! Love the way you celebrate it and gave the cake a try with your sweet litlle hands♥
    Lucky Louise you wil be really happy with your new family and hugs to Knatolee and Gordon for this wonderful act of love!