Friday, September 27, 2013

Cats everywhere on this perfect Fall day.

Not lookin` siree,  Bob.

Kane and I went for our walk late today as the day got away on me. It was close to five and much cooler than earlier in the afternoon. Not only did I enjoy the weather but I could not believe how many cats were out and about at that time of day.  I stopped counting in the teens and just enjoyed each and everyone of them. If I was one of those people who hate free-roaming cats and consider them a nuisance like squirrels, I would have blown a gasket. Most were curled up on porches or in amongst the fading plants that have yet to be cleaned up. Some seemed to appear out of nowhere and many lying on lawns. One just walked past us on the side-walk heading to the shops, I think.
I captured a few on my camera but wasn't close to any of them because of the dog. Kane only likes HIS cats.

The trees are coming alive with colour now; little by little.
                                                        This is along the Mississippi River.

Our little front porch is getting dressed for Fall, too.
It's just missing one thing...
"Oh, there he is."

Our darling old dog, Kane who could use a pair of sunglasses today.
I'm joining up with
hugs, Deb


  1. Kane looks quite pleased!

    The kitties must love lying in the sun this time of year. Not so warm, not so cold.

    And we're close enough in location that we're seeing the fall colours starting up here too.

  2. Hi Kane,
    You make an inviting front porch perfect just by lying there =)

  3. So many sweet kitties out enjoying that bit of sunshine - lovely!
    And of course Kane looks very happy as well. :)
    Happy Weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  4. Fleur is sitting on my lap reading this post with me. She was hoping to see what Audrey has been up Audrey.Then she thought she see Sierra on the Sierra. So,Fleur has gone to sleep!
    Jane x

  5. What a beautiful day. That last shot with Kane is excellent!

  6. It was cooler here today also! Love all the cats you see on your walks!

  7. I love your blog and especially this post. I love animals and I’m so happy and thank you for taking such sweet care of those sweet cats. Kane looks like a wonderful friend. Great photos. Enjoy your weekend.


  8. I LOVE cats but yes if i lived in your neighborhood and saw that many freeroaming cats i'd be livid! There's an outside cat in our neighborhood that lives right across the street and he will walk across the street and poop in MY flower bed. I have half a mind to give the neighbor a pooper scooper and let her clean my flower bed. So irresponsible! AAck! Don't get me started! LOL! Hugs! deb

  9. I'm amazed at how many cats you see on your walks. Kane makes a lovely autumn porch ornament. He has just the right colouring. Think he'd wear a burlap bow? lol

  10. There's no better post than one full of cats..

  11. Kane looks lovely in his autumn colored finery! Everyone is out enjoying fall. Send some here! ;)


  12. Happy cats and happy dog ~ Wonderful photos ~ carol ^_^

  13. Your dog is so beautiful and the cats are cute too.

  14. Kane is a handsome boy! That is so neat that you got to enjoy all the free roaming kities!
    Love all the pictures! <3

    jude,babybella,piper,poo,marley and charlie

  15. Though I love seeing your outdoor cat shots, I'm always worried about cats roaming outdoors. It's not safe for them or the songbirds. Your front porch looks lovely, especially with the addition of Kane.

  16. Kane is very handsome on the fall porch.

  17. I'm enjoying the fallish weather we've been getting lately...and the blessed rain! I don't see many cats out and about here in the country. Mine is a house cat and is too chicken to go outdoors.

  18. I love your lovely neighbourhood and all the kitties in it!
    Your front porch looks adorable: so cozy and welcoming!
    Darling Kane seems to be smiling in the last pic, resting a bit near his little friend the scarecrow