Monday, September 2, 2013

Labour Day Wknd

A few photos from the weekend.

Some cat-sitting. I cared for Belle & Tigger, Colosse & Rosie this wknd.
Rosie checking out the cat-sitter. It was baby-steps with Rosie but mom was home after two days so no time to become great chums. Maybe next time. You'll meet Belle & Tigger soon.

Dining out with my favorite munchkins...
along the Mississippi River

And let's celebrate the retired-guy. "Happy 59th Birthday, Gary"
Breakfast out with the family.
Best coffee ever.
Jess (due any day now), Mike, me, Gary, Brad, John, Riley, Brit & John & Allie (picture taker)

A little gag gift from me. All his own.
 I'm tired of him using my gorgeous soap from Natalie so I bought him his own.

I hope you had a wonderful Labour Day Weekend. We have many hard-working labourers in our family and we celebrate them this weekend. I guess I should be included in that but I just can't call what I do 'work'.  Hope you had a great one.

                                     "Just watch me. I'll put her to work."    

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Birthday Gary !!!!
    I'm five too ! But you are five-nine : )

    Deb, thanks for sharing..all are lovely moments

  2. Happy birthday, Gary!! And wow, I think that baby is ready to come out and greet the world.

    So glad you like the soap. I am going to make more once I've finished dealing with all this honey!

  3. Happy Birthday Gary! I enjoyed all your photos very much. The beer soap is cute - a great gag gift.

  4. Happy birthday to your dear husband (what an original gift he got!) and happy Labour Day Deb!
    Riley and Bradley are so cute! they will be anxious to meet their new little cousin♥
    Lovely pic from all your dear family.