Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy again.

Back to the old grind...HA! I'm happy to be busy again with cat-sitting all those 'stay-at-home' kitties that need care. My October calendar is filling up.
Take a look at some of the beauties I have had the pleasure of caring for.lately. Let's start with the Fab four.

The most handsome ginger. He is the colour of cayenne pepper.

(the paws tell me she is very relaxed in my company)

The ever-so-shy Quincy
"I see you, Monkey"

& his side-kick
I have been having fun photographing these four fabulous felines. Each one very different in personality and nature. 
Tigger spends as much time as given on his closed-in deck where he tends the flowers.
Belle is a kitchen cat and assists me as I prepare their meals.

The two ginger and white buddies, Flash and Quincy, have come a long way since I last cared for them.

They are newly-adopted and were a challenge at first to win their confidence. Although Quincy still looks timid and shy he is very loving. Flash is a big mush-ball now. They are such a joy to care for.

I'll have lots of photos to show you of these beauties and introduce you to a few more in the next few days.

90% of my cat-sitting kitty-clients are indoor-only cats. =^..^=
Although I love to photograph the outdoor cats in our neighbourhood, I do prefer to see cats stay inside their homes where they are safe and sound.
Indoor-only cats do not have to be bored. I will do a post soon to list the many things we can do to make our indoor-only cats' lives more fun and interesting. 
It's up to us to keep them amused.

We are enjoying the most beautiful Fall weather right now so Kane and I will take you on a walk through town again. Fall decor is popping up everywhere.

Now I want to send you over to visit one of my favorite blogs. Jane and Chris are two British-born Canadians Vegans who share their home with thirteen gorgeous rescued cats.
You will love the photography, the cats, who happen to have their own blog, and Jane has some delicious vegan recipes to try.
So grab a tea (and maybe a cookie) and pop on over to

Enjoy your week, everyone.
Happy October 
I'm joining Cats on Tuesday at
hugs, Deb


  1. You always have the best photos of the kitties in your care.

  2. Just what I love , gingers.
    Our five are free to go out but I find that they don't, they seem quite happy just to go into the garden and come flying back in if a noisy car goes by. This suits me.
    As for getting bored they are all watching each other all of the time. There's a lot of stalking and ambushing going on in our house. lol

  3. Please let me put in a big vote for indoor kitties. We have six and they are perfectly happy. These days the outdoors is not place for kitties, especially here in the US. Too many vehicles, predators, diseases and parasites for our kitties to be safe.
    Even rescued ferals can learn to be indoors and like it. It's all in what you do to keep them entertained, exercised and happy.
    OK, I'm off the soapbox!

  4. Such beautiful kitties! I agree--I believe cats should be in the house. I want them to be safe. We have so many cat toys--our cats are never bored. We play with them with a feather toy and let them get it and then give them a treat. That is what they think is hunting :)

  5. Talking about dream jobs!
    Enjoy the cat-sitting!

  6. They are all simply gorgeous! I too, always keep cats indoors. Too much harm can come to them outside, even though they so enjoy the outdoors. Safe and sound and healthier. My heavens, the crows we had in Maine were huge and bigger than Mae Mobley......Deb, your photos are prize winning!

  7. Happy October! Always love to see your kitty friends.

  8. Happy October, Deb! These four cats are beauties and your photos are delightful. They have wonderful owners!

  9. Your clients are so beautiful! I love that you share them with us rather than just keeping all that beauty to yourself! I wish all cats were indoor, maybe someday that wish will come true.

  10. Beautiful cat pictures ! You know before I started blogging in 2006, I didn't even know that inside cats exist ! All cats here around have cat flaps and go in and out as they please !

  11. I will say it again, you have thee best job ever. I just love the cuties you showed us today. Hugs GJ x