Saturday, September 21, 2013

What made you smile today

Our grand-son, Brad who is turning 1 next week.
Already handsome like his dad.
He is just the sweetest little boy.

Spending time with Gwyn.

Those hands are going a mile a minute.
She is 2 weeks old now.
She has big Bambi eyes like her dad.

and tea-time...
with oatmeal raisin cookies from Baker Bob's in Almonte.

I made black tea and pomegranite tea. Both my favorites.

Fall flowers

and our neighbourhood cats

and This just made me laugh.

It's a rainy day here and a good day to tidy up and do a bit of cooking. Tomorrow we celebrate our grand-son with a birthday get-together.
Tell me please, where did that year go?

hugs, Deb


  1. Bradley is quite a little man at one year. Precious photos. Tea and cookies look good too!

  2. How time flies! Bradley is nearly a year old cute boy. Enjoy your birthday get-together with little Gwynie and your dear family sweety♥
    I like your tea pot a lot! and that wee kitty es un muñequito!

  3. Happy birthday to Baby Brad. That little girl is so adorable.

  4. Beautiful grandchildren! How fast they grow. Our little grand daughter will also be one soon (in November). Hard to believe the year passed so fast. And that little 2 week old... so sweet!

  5. Your newest little granddaughter is adorable..Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson Bradley, he certainly looks adorable..Your tea pot and tea cups cause me to have to get out my great Grammies tea cups and pour myself a couple of cups of my mandarin orange green tea I sip all thru the day..Love your blog, your familia pictures, all the kitteh cats you have and Kane too..The many you care for lovingly, oh, how I pray for more people such as you in this world who are loving of all animals..have a wonderful time celebrating your Bradleys first birthday..ciao and loveXXX()()()()

  6. You said it about this past year! Your grandchildren are perfect; Happy Birthday to that handsome little boy who's grown so much. I'm having a lemon shortbread square with my tea and enjoying a quiet, overcast day. XOXO

  7. How did he get to be one year old already? My goodness time is flying by! He is so handsome. You are so blessed to have the sweetest little Grands. Love the pic of the cat and the 'cat'!!

  8. Your grands are adorable. I know you'll all have a grand time celebrating the birthday tomorrow. My sister loves the pomegranate tea best of all, too. The cookies look delicious.

  9. A lot of things to smile about over here today!
    Watching Banjo sleep in the sun made me smile todayl. :)
    Have fun tomorrow!
    xo Catherine

  10. Rain made me smile today! And a craft fair with my Dad. Lovely day! I would have loved to add a cup of Russian Tea in a pretty cup like yours!

  11. WOw, Brad is really getting big! You have the sweetest grandkids. :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet little grand-son!

  13. Bradley! When did you grow so? It was only yesterday you were a small as Gwen....wasn't it?

    He's such a handsome fellow. Like his sister, he has timeless good looks. What a dear.
    Black tea and pomegranate sounds delightful. I think I'll head out to the grocers and look for some to try.

  14. Deb,
    What a wonderful photo of Brad!
    Happy Birthday to little man!
    I hope it is a Special Day for all!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. Your grandkids are just the cutest! I love Brad's cute hat :)