Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It was Nana-time again today.
She is such a little bundle.
She has her days and nights mixed up so I'd better wake her up.

I am bidding farewell to Lucky and Addy as their owners return today.
Lucky and I are great buds, and I did get to see a lot more of Addy than ever before, but I can't say she allowed me into her world. Most times I only caught sight of the south end of a north-bound cat. She is such a fearful one of strangers and until we become friends that is all I remain to her.  She took full advantage of all her hidey holes and only listened to my voice from her comfort spots.  She came out to eat only once I had left. I was so sure this time that she would finally realize that I was there only to improve her day; to give her food; speak kindly and calmly and hopefully offer her some loving attention. Nope. She'll pass.
So, here's hoping next time we will become friends. I don't give up easily even though I have often been out-smarted by a feline.

hugs, Deb


  1. You look so serene in that top photo!
    Jane x

  2. One of my favorite things in the world is when a baby relaxes and falls asleep in your arms

  3. You are a blessed woman!! A beautiful photo with your grand child!!

  4. You're just beaming, Nana! Beautiful photo.

    Addy will come around. Of this I have no doubt.

  5. It could take Addy quite awhile to come around!

    The little one looks quite comfortable.

  6. You look so happy to be holding that little bundle! She's precious.

    I bet Addy was comforted by your presence even though she didn't come out. She heard your voice and knew you were there.

  7. Such a sweet little one -- she's adorable! Cats can be funny. Our daughter has one that's the same -- we rarely see him when we visit.

  8. Sweet Gwyn & Nana love and happiness!

  9. What a sweet little bundle of joy!!! And sweet little feline bundles of joy!!!

  10. Love that pic of you and Gywneth...