Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love of blue and white.

Goodness, could you two get any cuter?
They have been following the sun around all morning while I do some re-arranging.

Very early this morning, I picked up one dish and placed it in a new spot. That lead me to move the dishes that were above this newly-placed dish to a more appropriate shelf. Standing back, I looked and realized a few cups and saucers looked 'funny' now so they had to move. I happily made room for them but that meant something else had to change. Before I knew it, I had re-arranged a kitchen cupboard.

I love when this happens. You get into the 'zone' and there is no effort, it's playtime.

Here's Audrey's favorite piece.

Time passes quickly and you love the end result. I guess you have to be a dishaholic to understand.

                                                                   "Ya, you've got that right."
"Poor wackidoodle. She needs help."

"Audrey...get off the island. NOW!"


"Ummm..about that empty cat dish."
hugs, Deb


  1. At least you admit you're a dishaholic!

    I love Audrey's expression in that second shot.

  2. That Audrey...she sure can give a look, can't she? Your first photo is just a winner1 Such love!

  3. I like the way the kitchen cupboard looks after having fun with all the movements: so neat & decorative!
    I also like the white bottle with that chubby kitty on it!
    Lily and Ed are so sweet together and dear Audrey: looking at your beautiful favourite plate, it seems to me that you will soon become a dishaholic too!

  4. No one can do a withering look quite like a cat.
    The top pic melted my heart,and I love the cat milk bottle!
    Jane x

  5. I've been rearranging too. I have added some new/old dishes to my collection so everything has to get moved around! Blue & White, the perfect combo!!
    You should frame that photo of Lily and Ed, it is so precious.

  6. It sure did turn out well! The cupboard looks lovely and your companion was delightful!.

  7. You have the neatest things in your house! I love that kitty milk bottle!

    AUdrey's lookalike will come home tomorrow. Can't wait!

  8. Ha ha ... I love it when moving one dish or tea-pot results in a sort of "play-day" for me. Of course the cats will be involved, whether they're needed or not. They always provide the comic relief and the need for a tea break. Time to fill that beautiful cat dish !

  9. I love the two old seniors. Audrey is a hoot and you're right about dishes.... Is it an addiction??? Mary A

  10. Hey the plate with the little mouse on it. Too cute! I forgot you are the one that has all the pretty dishes.
    Love the look on Audrey's face...priceless...

    jude,babybella,piper,prissypoo,marley and Charlie - new family member....

  11. Great pics of Audrey! Love that milk jug with the cat on it ( I think it's a milk jug). Can we have a close-up? Also I would like to see the picture behind it - looks interesting. I while back I asked about a dish with a Dutch couple on it - it was yellow, I think. You said you would post about it sometime.

  12. Yes indeed! You have some lovely old transferware there! I've been doing quite a bit of dish shifting myself. A seasonal thing? So nice that you stopped by!

  13. Does she miss a single move you make? I doubt it. That's a whole lot of cuteness in this post and great cupboard display, too!

  14. We so love you precious seniors. For Ed and Lily, these are the good old days. Seeing them together warms our hearts and chases the blues away. Kiss them for us and tell them how much we love and appreciate them, please.

  15. I think that vase (or milk bottle?) with the cat on it is adorable! Love it!!

    But don't love it as much as the photo of Ed and Lily. That photo tugs at my heart. I see the love one has for the other. Frame-worthy.

    Audrey ... what a hoot.

  16. You're in good company...I have seven sets of dishes, a collection of tea cups and pots, a multiple antique serving dishes. Hmmmm, maybe there's a support group for us, XOXO

  17. I love the "golden" color that seems to come from the fabric around Ed & Lily. It's a lovely photo. Wonder if you could enhance the golden color a bit with a photoshop type program? Would look lovely framed.

  18. Yes indeed! You have some lovely old transferware there! I've been doing quite a bit of dish shifting myself. A seasonal thing? So nice that you stopped by!