Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cats and babies

This is Ruby

who lives with HugoJess and Mike...............................................................and now little Gwyn.
Her life has been turned upside down but so far she has managed not to have a complete nervous breakdown. She was once the baby of the house. What the heck happened?
Her side-kick Hugo spends much of his time on whatever floor the baby is NOT on. Baby squeals wear on his nerves.
BUT both cats always appear when it is dinner time. We have been spoiling them a bit too when we are babysitting. It's only fair.

                                                                     Lunch is served on time
                                                            and then some chin scratches.

Helping your cat cope with the arrival of your baby...
  • Although extremely curious by nature, cats are also creatures of habit and feel most comfortable when they have a routine.  It may be difficult in the first few months, but try to keep your cat’s routine as constant as possible.  Feeding times should stay the same, and don’t forget to fill the water bowl each day. If they’re used to brushing and play time, try to keep up with that as well, again don’t forget to enlist your partner for help!  Suddenly being ignored can be stressful and could lead to behavioural problems.  But at the same time don’t overcompensate and pay them more attention than they are used to as this can be just as confusing.
It's also very important to make sure that there is a place for your cat to retreat to when it needs some quiet time.
The constant commotion and noise of an infant in the house may cause much stress for your cat so providing a room away from it all where the cat has access to a litter-box and food is very important.  Just ask Hugo. 

hugs, Deb


  1. What a beautiful kitty Ruby is !When my grandson was born [23 years ago]in our home ,our cat Kim was very relaxed .But every time when i gave Joey the bottle she was always there with me.Ik had a baby and a cat on my lap ,so sweet!!.What more could i ask for?

  2. My cats respond to baby cries they hear from DVDs...they look horrified!
    Jane x

  3. Ruby is so cute !
    And congrats on your granddaughter, Gwyneth is so sweet !
    Nice week,

  4. Great big hugs and smiles, Deb! And hearty congrats for this wonderful little miracle called Gwyneth! I have been gone from blogging for a while, but am in back full force and making my rounds of all my favorite blogs. I have missed you and all the cats (yes, Audrey, too, hehe). How great to have a new sweet baby in your life.

  5. Ruby is a very cute cat and it's not easy with baby cries in the beginning.


  6. Ruby is so lovely! Annie's lovely peach kitten. Bless her heart.
    Always thought of the Seals and Crofts song Summer Breeze when she was called Bree.
    " Sweet days of summer...the Jasmine's in bloom
    July is dressed up and playing her tune
    And I come home from a hard day's work
    And you're waiting there
    Not a care in the world...
    Summer BREEze makes me feel fine
    Blowing through the jasmine in my mind....
    Poor little cats. They hear the wanting sound in the baby's cries and relate it to themselves, little lsweethearts. Extra love, pampering and petting needed.

  7. Cats don´t like changes at all so it´s really a commotion for them but Ruby is a sweety and she is sorrounded by love so she will manage and soon fall in love with little Gwynie. It´s just a question of time and patience.
    I remember when I came back home with my new born son (18 years ago)our cat Nico was waiting for us behind the front door. When I saw him standing there I said "Hola Nico I missed you a lot!( I remained in hospital 5 days) and we got into the living room. Nico followed us slowly, with curiosity and when I placed safely my baby moses basket on the sofa he stood up on his hind legs and gently grabbed Juan Ignacio´s scent, he was so sweet...then, he looked at me and I said "Nico, this is Juani", "he will soon love you"
    Nico was 6 when my son was born...they loved each other and shared 7 years of love together...Nico was a white & yellow cat he lived only 13 and he was and will always be a very special cat to all of us ♥

  8. What a pretty cat Ruby is, and Gwyneth is gorgeous, thanks for sharing hugs Steph