Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cat-in-windows just for you.

The sun is shining on this beautiful Fall day. I spent part of the morning cat-sitting and then swept crunchy brown leaves off the front steps. Then the wind picked up and blew them around again but I still enjoyed the cool breeze and the sun in my face.

Buddy and Chase gave me the 'stink-eye' when I dropped in to feed them this morning. They would have loved to be out in this weather but they are to stay in while dad's away so it took some extra treats after breakfast to console them. They have beautiful windows to watch the squirrels and birds and I did remind them that other cats would be very envious of their window-sills. Still, they are indoor-outdoor felines and it's hard to compete with that freedom. Won't be long now, guys.

Kane loves his walks on days like this. He actually has a skip in his step for the first few blocks. This is his time of year.

Cats were everywhere today as we strolled down the quiet streets in town. I love having him out and about while everyone is at work and there are fewer cars around. It's just so peaceful. The geese fly above, making their familiar call while they practice for the long trip ahead. The only other sound you hear are dogs barking in the distance.  Mostly, we enjoy seeing the kitties on their porches, on the sidewalks and of course, in the windows.
It's interesting to see the different ways they re-act to Kane.

So, here are a few 'kitties in windows' for you today.

                                                               Beautiful tabby and white.

More tabbies. I was too far to get the wee one to turn around. Maybe next time.

Bud & Chase on their window-sills.

& Ed early this morning.
This is becoming his favorite spot.
hugs, Deb


  1. What a wonderful photo of Ed. Beautiful!
    Happy Autumn Days to all of you!
    Lily, WA, USA

  2. Deb, in the last pic, is that Ed's reflection?

  3. Yes, he has taken to sleeping while standing on the back of the couch. Maybe he likes to look at himself in the reflection.

  4. Love seeing cats in windows - gorgeous kitties.

  5. They are all gorgeous! We, too, are enjoying the cooler temps.

  6. Love the pictures Deb! So nice to see you after being gone so long! Love the picture with you and Gwyneth! =^..^=

  7. Lots of love to our precious Ed!!! We really look forward to seeing him and hearing about his days. Beautiful boy, through and through.
    Those lovely tabby coats are
    endlessly fascinating, aren't they.

  8. Gorgeous cats in windows. Always a lovely sight. Hugs GJ x

  9. I love Autumn colours and the sight & sound of the crunchy leaves under my feet but I don´t like sweeping them at all!
    Also love the way you describe your walks with sweet Kane, I take my dogs out at siesta time or at night after dinner ... Ituzaingó used to be a quiet place to live but for some time now the traffic is getting worse...really dangerous and noisy and that scares Cacho so much who is nearly blind.
    Adorable kitties on windows the tabby & white one resembles my Reina, a cat we loved and cared for during 6 years but never wanted to lived with us! Every time we brought her home she stayed for a while and then returned to the place she loved an abandon house two blocks from home..She was so sweet with us but I think she didn´t like the idea of living with other ten grown up cats included two of her five offspring.
    I love Sweet Ed´s reflection in the morning♥

  10. Cats in windows , always worth taking a second or third look at, but your pictures and posts about them is my favorite way to view them in their windows. You even seem to know most of these cats, which makes this even better.

    Since we live out in the sticks, we can't view our neighbors windows for the trees, so the only cats in windows I see are mine, but that is a good thing too.

  11. Lovely shots of the cats!

    I was watching some geese this morning. They're the ones who are here all summer, but you know they'll be scattering for the south very soon.

  12. Gorgeous pic of Ed with his reflection!