Friday, September 13, 2013

Lily gets a manicure

Little by little, Fall makes an appearance. I am home today to actually get a few things done around here. I spent some of yesterday with little Gwyn and cared for cats in two homes.

Nail-trimming was at the top of the list around home today. All the animals needed some grooming. I cut everyone's nails every ten days or so. Audrey yells profanities during the procedure but still sits there. Annie, Ed and Sierra hardly take notice. Poor 'ol Lily is the only one that completely dispises getting her nails cut. Unfortunately for her, she has the worst nails as they curl and can easily grow back into her skin. (Yes, that happens if you don't stay on top of it) I have tried many different trimmers and ended up using my own nail trimmer on her. It worked best so now she has her own. I suggest you check with your local pet store to see what is presently the best-selling trimmer.

So, after her traumatic few minutes she was treated to a teeny dish of milk. Her little body tolerates milk and she loves it. She did start out life as a barn cat, afterall. I'm sure she drank cows milk then. Most cats do not tolerate milk well and should only be given water.
She knows exactly which dish is hers. Now all is right with her world.
She can still jump like a young cat. One leap and she lands on her target.
She is 18 years old now and can drink her bit of milk anywhere she pleases.

My ceramic pumpkin is center-stage on the old step-back cupboard.
and I have to dig up my pumpkin muffin recipe.
That's little Gwyn in the frame. *grin*

I'm looking forward to all your Fall decorating. Now Kane and I are off for a walk as this is his favorite time of year. I'm sure I'll find some 'cats in windows' for you.

 There are lots of clients needing care soon for their cats so I will be back to my full-time cat-nanny duties.
Looking forward to seeing lots of my furry feline friends. 
hugs, Deb


  1. Zoe just tap danced across the's nail clipping time here too!
    Jane x

  2. Love that step-back cupboard. It's so lovely. Lily looks so cute drinking her milk!


  3. Deb,
    It seems to be a northern hemisphere thing, but nobody I know in NZ trims their cats nails, even if they are indoor cats. It is just not something we do. Miss Pops goes outside and so her nails get sharpened on trees and on the deck.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. love the little scarecrow, the pumpkin and Lily ... bless her heart!


  5. Oh those curly nails! Found one today on one of my kitties. Must have missed it on the last pass. Lily looks perfect on the step-back. She couldn't look nicer if it was a magazine shoot. In the second photo, her body shape really does look like that of a kitty. Sure wish someone could say that about me!

  6. Lovely Lily drinking her milk! Charlie tolerates tiny sips of milk on special occasions! Of course I have to watch MY glass of milk or I see him dipping his paw in for a taste! Happy Weekend to you!


  7. My Silly also loves milk and tolerates it very well too. He gets a small dollop on weekends when I change up my breakfast to include cereal and he actually waits patiently until the very end and then he starts pawing at the bowl for me to hurry and finish.

    Looking forward to the pumpkin muffin recipe :))

  8. I can only recall one cat my parents had who was fine getting her nails cut, but it depended on who was doing it.