Friday, September 20, 2013


This is a furry face I love.
The expression doesn't change much but she is full of personality and she's as clever as can be.
She loves the mailman, her family and she even tolerates the dog. She gives out free kisses to anyone who wants one and will greet you on the front porch when you arrive. She is like the 'middle child' in our cat menagera. She lives between two 'oldie but goodies and two young whipper-snappers.
Sierra is now 12, and although sometimes she feels like she got the short end of the stick when it comes to attention from us, we do love her and appreciate her everyday.

                                                                      "Oh, is that so!"
 So much so, that we allow her to have a little more freedom by patrolling our property and beautifying our front porch bench.
Now, I am not in favor of free-roaming cats unless it is a very safe situation but with Sierra we had to bend the rules a little. You see, Sierra won't pee in a litter box. No siree. It's not for her. She'll even throw on a scarf in the coldest of weather and head out to a snow-bank.

                                                     "And you have a problem with this?"

She really appreciates these lovely cool, Fall days.
She came to us as an out-door cat and had no intentions of changing that status. So, we had to give in to her demands and supervise her outside until we felt we could trust her to stay on the property. She has obeyed the rules for 10 years now. The only time she wants to stay in for any length of time is to help me bake. It's her calling.

I'm not going to let Audrey see this post. If she knew all it took was for her to protest the way Sierra did to have me usher her out the door first thing each morning she would be whizzin' all over the house.
So, I'm typing this while she's asleep. *grin*

                             "Hey, did I just hear my name and whizz in the same sentence?"

Now I'm sending you off to visit one of my favorite blogs, Spot on Cedar Pond do I love this blog? Well, let's see...Kathy is a breath of fresh air. She lives in a little bit of paradise and will invite you over for tea anytime. She has a wonderful imagination and enjoys entertaining her grand-children. She loves cats and you will meet the beloved Blizzard.  Her blog is full of day to day life and you will feel right at home when you drop by. She also is talented beyond words and you can find some of her work in her etsy shop. So, grab your tea and one of those cookies you made yesterday *wink* and have fun visiting Kathy.

I'm joining
Hugs, Deb


  1. I just love your cats! You know them all so well, and it is such a pleasure to meet them. Sierra's face is full of wisdom and strength. Our lives were brightened by an outdoor cat for 5 years, they are very special creatures and we are lucky to have them share their 'wild' ways with us tame humans. Audrey - look at that face!!!! Minerva x

  2. I do love sweet Sierra..she seems to be so calm and genteel.
    Jane x

  3. What a simply gorgeous face. Mum says she could look at it all day and I agree. Nice to see you and read all about you sweety. Hugs GJ x

  4. Sierra is a gentle and serene presence. A lovely calming face to look at when things get hectic.

    No one, no cat, any where, any time, has more facial expression than Audrey! She's the perfect subject for the photo book for children we hope you'll one day write.

  5. Sierra is such a beauty.

    And Audrey is precocious!

  6. Sierra is such a loving kitty! I love that she is such a helper. My Mom's cat will NOT use a litter box either. Sigh...what's a kitty Mom to do!

  7. What a noble face she has....I just want to kiss that sweet nose! Precious post!

  8. What a sweet face she has! I just want to kiss that precious nose! Adorable post Deb! Love the pictures!

  9. Sierra is a lovely kitty with a thoughtful face. I am glad she has stayed safe outside all these years. Audrey should be glad not to have to whiz outside in the winter!!

  10. Thank-you ! What a good idea too, mentioning other blogs you enjoy visiting, and also very kind. I love to have others over for tea too.

    Our other cat , Miss Marple , hates the litter box, but does use it when she has to. She is a cautious cat who goes outdoors at night, but is waiting at the door within the hour. Maybe a little more porch time would be good for her too. She started her life as a barn kitten. Sometimes you just can't take the outdoors out of a cat.

    I love her many hats. Being a "middle cat " seems to agree with her.

  11. How funny she wants to do her business outside! I took in a neighborhood stray many years ago that preferred to go outside. He would use a litter box if we left him inside, though.

  12. I wish I could let May Ling out, like Sierra she hates the box. What a good cat to stay in her own yard!

  13. What a beautiful kind face Sierra has. People think that all cats look the same but they all have their own expressions and Sierra is just lovely.

  14. Adorable cat photos ~ all full of character and great expression ~ carol, xo

  15. Sierra you always look so serene and peaceful! you are a lovely lucky your family and mailman are to enjoy your sweet kisses & greetings honey!I would love to meet you some day!
    You look adorable in that pretty green scarf ideal to enjoy your cool Fall days on the front porch!

  16. I love the way you dressed her, and i like the white pendant on its chest. She looks so regal.

  17. Sierra is a lovely tabby cat. She and Audrey help make your house a home.

  18. Sierra is a very beautiful girl. It is funny that she refuses the litter box. I had a cat once that was allowed to go outside in our yard since she would not climb the fence and only when I was outside with her but she did not like to do her business in the yard. She would let us know it was time to come in and visit her litter box.

  19. Al your cats are lovely. I like seeing SIerra on her porch, surveying her domain. :)

  20. Wonderfull cat , greeting from Belgium