Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not always the cat's meow

Not every cat thinks I'm the cat's meow from the start.

I often have to prove myself to the resident feline. That's fine, though. I love a challenge.
I'm working on two kitties presently who are a little miffed that mom's away and are not too quick to welcome the cat-sitter into their home. Albeit, both Lucky and Addy were ferals many years ago and I don't think that ever leaves them completely, but I have cared for them before so I'm determined to make friends with them this time around. Lucky, above, is the friendlier of the two. She now sits in the kitchen and watches as I prepare the meals but is ready to take flight at any given moment. Our talks are pretty much a one-sided conversation but we do have some quality time together. Addy hates me and wants me gone. She is the real challenge but I'm no quitter. So far her tail is all I see.

Please let me introduce you to two (some-what) new kitty-clients, Tigger and Belle.
Tigger spends most of his time on the closed-in deck caring for the flowers.
While Belle,being a senior cat,  likes to bask in the morning sun.
They thought I was the cat's whiskers.
Their mom is home now so I bid them "farewell" until next time.
hugs, Deb


  1. i know why you love your job so much ... all these beautiful kitties! lucky girl (and them).


  2. I'm in love.....especially with Tigger!

  3. When Addy falls, she's going to fall hard! Once she cracks open the door of friendship, all of the love she has stored up inside her will come pouring out. It's only a matter of time. It really is.

  4. The morning sun is meant to be basked in. Belle obviously knows that. And Tiger's a handsome fellow.

    Poor Addy, hopefully someday that one comes around.

    Lucky's expression is priceless.

  5. Beautiful cats, beautiful pictures.

  6. You have the best job. I am sure you will win the little one over before you are finished. Hugs GJ x

  7. We know we keep saying it, but we sure wish you lived down here in SC.

  8. Haha, miss Pops would run a mile if you came to our house too as she is such a fraidy cat.

  9. Well Tigger & Belle look SUPER sweet and I'm sure you'll win over Lucky & Addy in no time :))