Monday, September 16, 2013

'No nip' zone

Sunday morning in our home can be quite a lazy affair. Kane is usually the last to rise and greet the day. We go through a whole pot of coffee before actually making a meal.

The sun is shining today and the September breeze is cool and welcomed. I love this time of year.

On Saturday, I found this little creamer in a shop in Almonte.

 It is called Old Willow, made in England,  and fits in nicely with my blue and white. My little french country cupboard, which has been neglected somewhat since the step-back arrived, holds some smaller pieces of blue and white china now.
 This is one of my favorite collections and I enjoy the hunt to add more pieces.

This is such a good tea.
I think I enjoy tea more than any other beverage. I love a glass of wine but only on occasion. Tea is enjoyed everyday.

I've had the talk with Audrey...
but she pretended to sleep through it.

I gave her a wee bit of cat-nip last year and she darn near left this planet.
Her eyes dilated and she began to growl. She lashed out at everyone and anything that moved, even her tail.
She then slipped into a corner of a box and stared into space smashing her tail against the side of the box. 
There was no telling what was coming next so I removed all the other cats from her reach. This lasted only moments and then she was 'back' .
Since then cat-nip has been banned from our house.
Which explains why there are paw-marks on my wine-rack.

Moral of this story...not all cats can tolerate nip. =^..^=
Not even the great lioness.

 hugs, Deb


  1. Kane is such a sweetie!
    Love your blue dishes-I'm almost inspired to play around with my china hutch and display the delft blue items I have hidden away in the cupboard.
    Poor Audrey-can't handle the nip =)

  2. Why are we not surprised about Audrey's response to the nip?
    In our experience, nip makes the feisty ones more feisty and the mellow ones more mellow.
    I just love little French cupboard. I could spend all day looking at your blue and whites!
    Kane has an exceptionally sweet face, doesn't he. Very handsome boy.

  3. Jinx(my cat) does not react to catnip at all. Well the dried stuff. Once i gave him a leaf from a live plant and he rubbed on it a couple time and walked away. Oh well...Hugs! deb

  4. Sweet Kane sleep a little more♥
    I´m glad that you are having such a nice weather here it´s so awful:cold, windy and rainy.
    I now remember your little french cupboard es un primor! and so it is the little creamer!
    Cat-nip sounds a bit dangerous for some kitties! poor Audrey! I would invite her with a little bit of that delicious raspberry & ginseng tea instead!

  5. Ours adore catnip. I've had fun photographing them.
    I liked reading how you take cats in for travelers!
    Your sidebar photos are beautiful! Lovely family.
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  6. Truffle can get a little aggressive with new catnip.

  7. Kane is in such blissful slumber!!!

    How weird about the different reactions to doesn't faze our two...

  8. Oh my goodness - that is such a reaction to catnip! Poor kitty! Yup, we have to be careful with drug and nip reactions!
    xo Catherine

  9. Sooner or later you'll need another cabinet for all those bits and pieces!

    Now that's a reaction to catnip that I wouldn't have expected!

  10. Knock wood, all my cats tolerate the 'nip. We'll see what Louise thinks! Maybe it's a grey kitty thing. :)