Thursday, January 29, 2015

A much-needed visit.

Waiting on Spring

There is nothing nicer (in my books) than to share a bowl of home-made hot soup with a friend on a cold, wintry day. Which is just what I did today.
I took a break from packing and animal-related chores and headed over to visit with my good friend, Barb. Barb would remind you of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. She cooks like a master and to share any of her wonderful meals is a delight for the taste-buds. She has an infectious smile and is always interested in how you are doing. Her kitchen is filled with wonderful aromas as you step through her door. And what a neat kitchen it is. You are instantly taken back to a time when cooking hearty meals was part of a normal day. Spices line the many shelves while herbs flourish in pots along the window-sill. Jars are filled with fresh treats for tea-time and tea-cups sit close to the kettle.  It is a busy, functional room with lots of personal touches. I told her that walking into her kitchen was like getting a big 'ol hug. Which I immediately got. :)

After a hot cup of creamy coffee, we enjoyed a big bowl of home-made pea soup with home-made bread. It was so delicious. And one of my all-time favorites, home-made date-squares. We chatted up a storm by the fire while watching the snow fall through her living-room windows. A beautiful, peaceful afternoon.

Barb plants a huge garden every Spring in her spacious back-yard. She grows every type of veggie along with plump, juicy grapes. I took these photos a few years back when her gardens were at their finest. Not only did I have a delicious meal with her but I came home with a bag full of healthy, organic produce.

Would you say this woman has a green thumb? These photos are a delight for the eyes as I sit here looking out the office window at the snow coming down.

We have a lot more snow today than we have had for awhile. It has been a cold winter so far but not nearly as much snow as last year. Let's hope February is a bit warmer as we start to dream of Spring.

Stay toasty,


  1. You deserved a little break in all the stuff you have going on! Glad you had such a fun afternoon!

    That last photo is amazing! She certainly knows what she's doing!

  2. OMG - are those beans she grew? I can imagine climbing up to meet Jack at the top!
    I love kitchens like your friend's - sounds all warm and snug, the true heart of the home - and it's lovely to have people who make you so welcome, and feed you so well!

    Happy weekend sweet Deb - stay warm.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. We only have 4" of snow this morning but, it is melting already, thankfully!

  4. What a great break to take with a good friend, good food, having a good time together.

    That last photo is amazing.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your friend definitely has a green thumb.. I am glad you had a great time... I am hoping the weather warms up in February.. Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  6. Well that garden is absolutely gorgeous. And it sure makes me miss spring. I had a lovely lunch with a friend yesterday and she made white chicken chili soup. It was so good I'm craving some this morning. I'm designing my kitchen right now and I sure wish Barb could give me some advice!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Your friends sounds like a wonderful person . I love home made soup and bread then a sweet treat after with a cuppa tea and wonderful chit chat and laughter YUMMY ! We got snow all day yesterday and high winds over night into the morning sun is shining hope the winds die down soon ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  8. I'm surprised grapes would grow in this area.

  9. What a wonderful visit! I love pea soup and sharing food and great conversation is a friend is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

  10. Good grief, look at those grapevines! It is fun looking at someone else's garden this time of year. Ours is covered in snow. Pet the kitties for me.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful friend, and a lovely respite from all your work. Nothing like comforting, homemade food shared with a good friend.