Monday, January 5, 2015

Love her, rust and all.

"Right.....Ronna, cake-creator extraordinaire?"
If you haven't met Ronna & her 4 beautiful kitties, drop on over and say hello.

I found a little mug at a thrift shop this week that just had to come home with me. Isn't it pretty? It was made by a potter in the town of Perth, Ontario.
It will be added to the box of pottery that I am packing away until we move. Here's a photo of grand-kitty, Joe, helping me pack.
 What's pottery without a little cat-hair on it.

Only two days ago I mentioned that we had NO snow. Now take a look at our winter wonderland. We are covered in ice and the temperatures have plummeted.

This is a normal Ontario winter.

We arrived at our lot to see that the plow had been by and in order for workers to drive on the property the old tractor needed to work her magic.

I remember laughing at this machine when the retired-guy dragged me out to take a look at it before he brought it to the property. When he said he wanted a tractor I did not expect it to be ancient and rusty. But now I have great respect for her (tractors are girl's, right?) and will never make fun of her less than perfect looks again. Geez - we've actually got some things in common. She's trusty and sturdy and with a little bit of paint she won't look too bad at all. She has kept our grass cut and moved our logs and now she is digging out the drive-way. Bless her little rusty heart!
I'm now her biggest fan.

Hope you are cozy wherever you are.

Stay toasty,


  1. Everything is better with cat hair on it! Or some rust...we too got the ice then snow, then really cold...very brrrr!

  2. Being so close to where you are, we got the same weather. I have not photographed the ice on the trees and branches as of yet.

  3. Lovely little mug, and yes, you've finally got your snow !
    My husband needs one of those older tractors, tried and true and little work-horses.
    Love yours.
    Stay warm.

  4. She may be rusty, but she sure is charming!

  5. I always leave her with a smile on my face....
    You sure have the gift Deb....
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  6. All motorized things are girls lol Oh these rusty old gals are life savers lol even I call them she and her lol . You have more snow then we do we just got a dusting the grass is still sticking up through our snow lol ! Always time for tea and cake lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and stay cozy !

  7. I love the cat hair comment...I don't think I know what life is like without it no matter how hard I try!

  8. Beautiful snow. I always love it for a day or two then I'm ready for warm weather. :-)

    The tractor looks just like one my uncle has. It's exactly as you describe and just as faithful in getting the job done. New ones just don't have the same devotion.

  9. Oh so cold! Bless your heart for thinking cheerful thoughts on those cold, bleak winter days! Kiss the kitties....and beautiful Kane!

  10. I love the little mug. You all are beginning to look like farmers out there! I have always wanted a tractor, even an older rusty one will do. Poppy says we just don't need a tractor on five acres. Your snow pictures are so pretty. Either one would make a beautiful Christmas card.