Sunday, January 4, 2015

The comforts of home

It's been blowing and snowing for hours now and I am getting my fill of the white-stuff.
It's a quiet day around the home and all the kitties are resting by the fire. Audrey decided it was a good chance to give Annie a little bath, too. My apologies for the quality. This photo was taken from another room so as not to disturb them. Miss Audrey, moody-pants, doesn't like having her photo taken.

I'd like to send you somewhere to bask in the beauty of colour and flowers and all things bright.
I think we all need a little sunshine and colour in our lives right about now. Enjoy!

Stay toasty,


  1. cute. I love it when my kitties give each other a little wash. Tiger and Samantha are especially attentive to the others' hygiene needs. haha.

  2. Qaulity does'nt matter Deb .your cats are so lovely!! The picture from Sierra is so beautiful ,a very comfy cat !!

  3. I do love to see kitties giving each other baths! Charlie is a groomer and has bathed many a cat in his day! Stay warm!


  4. The kitties look so cozy by the fire. I love your white dishes in your last post! That Audrey is a mess! :) Hope sweet Lily is doing fine.

  5. The sun finally came out here and the kitties are all lined up enjoying the heat. Stay warm! Purrs and hugs ....

  6. Sierra's got just the right idea. Sleep through that weather. As much as I like snow, I really dislike freezing rain!

  7. Oh what a cool picture of them all!
    Looks like none of them know yet!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Mom

  8. What sweet photos of your feline family.

    Thank you for the link to Madelief's beautiful blog.

    Have a wonderful 2015 ~ FlowerLady

  9. They look so cozy by the fire. Enjoy the snow! I am a new follower.

  10. Oh how I envy your wood stove! I miss the one we had back in Illinois.

  11. Hi Deb, it sounds so cold up your way, the log-burner stove looks so inviting, the kitties know where the warmest spot in the house is !
    Madelief's blog is one of the prettiest blogs I have ever read, always a pleasure to visit there, thank you for sharing.
    Stay warm and cozy inside !

  12. Just look at those precious kitties! Looks so warm and lovely Deb! Sending you love and blessings for the new year!!!

  13. Your fireplace is HOT ! I mean Popular ..tee..heh
    Stay warm & cuddle :)

    PS : thanks a lot for purring for me :)

  14. We've got snow here again, too. November started out with a bang, a couple big storms, then December fairly mild. But here we go again . . . The kitties have the right idea, snug in front of the fire. Love that first picture, too.
    Stay warm Deb!

  15. Oops . . . I think I lost my comment . . . if not, here is another one! I was just saying we have snow here too in Michigan. After a relatively mild December, here we go again. Your kitties have the right idea, cozy in front of the fire!
    Stay warm Deb.

  16. I love the photo of the three of them. Yes, it's snowing here -- I shouldn't complain, since we had a rather nice green Christmas. But we may be making up for lost time!

  17. Good to see Lily snuggling in with the bathers

  18. Annie needs a little pampering, too, since she is taking care of Lily.

  19. I never realized how lovely Sierra's markings are. And such nice feeties!
    I often think of how Annie happened to come to live with you. Small miracles happen every day if we take notice them. Annie started to care for Lily after Ed crossed; where would Lily be without her?